Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm watching a show on TLC right now about a family with 13 kids, 11 living at home. It's amazing to me how these moms and dads handle all that. I want 3 kids, tops. And well spaced at that.

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but Saturday I went shopping with a friend, J, that I had quit talking to a while back after I got sick of what a horrible friend she was. We had talked and she apologized for everything and we'd "made up" right as I started my new job. She's been over to my house a couple times, everything has been great. We even went to dinner one night, her treat. Then the shopping trip Saturday...I remember why I quit being friends with this girl now. She drove me nuts getting onto Hailey. Does she not think if Hailey is doing something wrong that I, her MOTHER, would reprimand her? I got so sick of hearing "Hailey stop that!" or "Hailey sit DOWN!" etc. It's one thing for me to speak sternly to my daughter when she needs it, but for someone else to that isn't D or my mom, especially someone who doesn't have kids themselves, well frankly that just pisses me off. I explained to her that I'm not as strict as some moms and Hailey is also capable of a lot more than some kids her age, so I don't get onto her for certain things. Like standing up backwards in her stroller. She does this a lot. I watch her. I would never let her fall. It's not worth the fight. I pick my battles. If something is going to hurt her, or if she hits or bites etc. I reprimand her. If she dumps cracker crumbs all over the carpet, we say "uh oh!" and I ask her calmly and nicely to put them back in the bowl, and guess what, she DOES. But all day Saturday, J got onto Hailey for stupid little things that didn't even matter. And it pissed me off even more, because Hailey was having a bad day. She was really demanding and really grumpy. I handle her just fine and still go about my business on days like that. But J just couldn't handle it. She commented that just one afternoon with us wore her out so bad it was rediculous. What the hell wore her out so bad?!?! She didn't do anything! Oh wait, she yelled at my daughter all day...I'm sure that would wear a person out. The thing that really bit me in the ass was when I gave Hailey a cup of water and Jessica got onto her and took it away. It was a plastic cup from Starbucks, with a lid and a straw, full of ice water. Hailey loves water, especially when she gets to drink it through a straw. I put the cup between her legs, she held onto it with both hands, and drank her water and said "mmm!" over and over. We were in Penney's. When Jessica realized that Hailey had the cup, she flipped out and said "No Hailey!" and grabbed it from her. WHAT.THE.HELL...I gave her that cup...I, her MOTHER...and she freaking yelled at her and took it away. Is she DUMB?? What the hell is wrong with her? I told her that I gave it to her...her response?? "She's going to dumb it all over the floor!" I told her no, she wouldn't, she does very well holding her cups and drinking from them with no mess. GRRRRRRRRRR Needless to say, I won't be calling her for a while. Actually I'll be waiting for her to make the next move. I'm not seeking her out. She disrespected me way too bad this time...she went too far. And she doesn't think she did anything wrong!

Ok I'm done bitched. I'll end this with a cute story, and a few new words from the Peanut. Tonight as she was taking a bath, she began dipping her fingers in the water and popping them in her mouth one by one and saying "yum!" It was too cute. Yum is one of her new words. Along with "car" and "daddy." Another word I forgot to note before that she's been saying for a long time is "bubble"....pronounced "bubba." She also signs for "more" and "milk." We weren't going to teach her signs, since we're in the group that feels signing delays speech, but apparently the sitter teaches them and it hasn't hurt Hailey's speech at all so far. She signs and talks at the same time...she'll sign for more while saying "more." Aside from the sitter's 3 year old, Hailey talks the most of all the other kids, even the 2 year old little girl that goes there. I have a feeling she's going to be one of those little girls that talks your ear off. Great for me, but she'll probably annoy other people! Nah, she's too cute for that :o)

I am so tired, but I busted my butt tonight...I played with Hailey, vacuumed(because she'd dumped crackers and dried apples all over the floor, and I dumped more crackers onto the floor because she couldn't get them out of the I said, I'm not fussy) made spaghetti and steamed peas for dinner, did a load of laundry and folded 2 more loads, gave the kiddo a bath and put her to bed. Oh and my friend and her 2 kids came by for a little bit tonight too. Good night :o) Except it's a weeknight, which means D wasn't here. The walk we took last night as a little family was so nice, I wish we could have done that tonight too!

Alright off to fold more laundry...


Kristin said...

I wouldn't be calling a "friend" like that either. I would be PISSED as all hell if anyone did that to Logan.

Wendy said...

I have a "friend" like that also! Needless to say we do not hang out much anymore. Shes the one with no kids, so we do "no kids allowed" type of things!