Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Years ago when my grandma and cousin were still alive we would have been getting everything ready to meet at the church where I got married to have our annual Memorial Day picnic w/ the family. We'd eat and then my cousin would lead us younger ones off on some adventure through the woods to play in the creek(it's a really pretty area), and then we'd put tons of flowers on all the graves...of our family and of the people who didn't have any family left. One year my cousin found a little lizard that I carried around until we left. We've got a lot of good memories out there.

Ok now the weight issue...really, I'm complaining about my size...I've always been small, from the day I was born. Always the smallest kid in my grade in school, til I got to highschool. My senior year I weighed 98 lbs. I just have a high metabolism I guess. I don't snack a lot. I eat breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and something sweet for dessert. I don't deprive myself of sweets, I love ice cream and cereal and I do eat some candy at work. But the older Hailey gets the more weight I lose. She is a pistol. I have to entertain her constantly(which isn't the case for other people--for them she plays nicely by herself--and now that she's walking, she runs everywhere. Right now she's walking down the front hallway waving her plastic spoons at me saying "mmm!" She keeps coming back over to attack the computer with her bananaey hands. And she's been stomping on the poor kitty all morning. She's a handful. So the weight just keeps dropping off. And this is a problem. In highschool it's fine to be this size. They make kids clothes in that size. They don't make a whole lot of clothes for women in my size around here. Work clothes, like nice work clothes, are almost impossible to find. Thank God this new office is more casual(like I can even wear flip flops!)...and the other problem is, I can't get any lower than I already am, and I keep having to buy new clothes. My size 2 jeans are bagging off my butt...but I refuse to go buy new jeans. It's really frustrating. I have 2's, 4's, and 6's now. At least I'll be well-prepared for the next baby! I have to wonder though if I'll get as big as I did when I was pregnant with Hailey, since now I'll be taking care of her as well and not going home every night and sleeping. I guess we'll see! I don't know if I posted already about this, but I did tell my mother in law that we'll be trying again and she was actually very excited. So that went well.

Ok I have to cut this short, Hailey's bringing me her shoes...this is the sign that she wants to go outside. She's getting remarkably good at picking out matching shoes!

Ashley--that shirt is relatively new, I actually got it at Penney's a while back on sale. :o)

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