Thursday, September 4, 2008


Conversation I just overheard (because it was said RIGHT in front of my desk)...

Person 1: I was going to tell you what that lady that came in said...when I told her the employment verification wasn't ready yet she said "well this is ridiculous I've been waiting on this for a week!" and I told her "Well I JUST got your information!" and she said "Well I can't go to work tomorrow if I don't have this faxed in today!" well guess what, I DON'T CARE!

Person 2: Yea really that's not our problem!

Person 1: I mean why can't she go to work if she doesn't have this faxed in TODAY?!?!

Person 2: Because it's for daycare assistance from DFS and if she doesn't have her verification in today they won't give her the assistance so she can't go to work tomorrow, and I say GET A REAL JOB and support your family, and that's the reason I don't have kids because I can't afford them, why'd she have kids if she can't afford them???

Person 1: Yea really don't live off money from DFS jeez!

How shitty is that??? These people are supposed to be there to help people with what they need...not be rude to them and talk shit about them behind their backs, which is what happens ALL.THE.TIME. Ok when I got pregnant with Hailey it was really unexpected, we weren't financially ready, and even though I made over the income limit for any kind of assistance, I didn't make enough to pay our rent and daycare in one month let alone everything else like food, utilities, diapers, formula etc...I would have been SO happy to get some sort of assistance. I'm sure some people abuse the system, but there are a lot of people that don't...that truly are just going through a rough time and need some assistance! But they don't care either way, even if they are just going through a rough patch, these people I work with DO NOT CARE. They are above lowly people like that (like myself!) and they have no problems voicing their opinions on the less fortunate.

LOVING the place I work, TOTALLY. Such caring compassionate people.

And this after yesterday when my boss brought me a few of my credit card payment confirmations that I'd printed off...the ones that disappeared after I printed them. I thought maybe it was my error and I hadn't hit print, but nope...apparently somebody in the office has been stealing them off the printer in the 30 seconds it takes me to get outside my office and to the printer, and copying them and giving them to my bosses boss to try to get me in trouble. I'm just taking less than 10 minutes to pay my bills and they're trying to get me in trouble for it, but yet it's ok for them to sit online and shop or whatever. Luckily my boss is a really nice person and she got them out of her bosses inbox before he saw the 2nd stack (apparently they've given him 2 stacks and he was pissed about the first one...and by stack I'm talking like 3 pages, that's it!) and gave them to me and just told me to do it before work or at lunch. I told her I'm not doing it at all at work anymore because nosy people can't mind their own damn business! I swear this place is absolutely ridiculous. I'm not good enough for them because I don't act like them or dress like them etc. so they are trying to get me in trouble however they can. How immature is that?? People need to just grow up, seriously!

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