Friday, September 12, 2008


Life has been incredibly busy this week. Between having to take Tuesday off work because of rash and poop issues Hailey was having (the day involved a dr. appointment, 2 trips to Walmart, a Benadryl induced 3 hour nap, suppositories AND an enema, a strained muscle making her unable to walk and much crying from Hailey) and my friend having her baby Wednesday and my sister leaving this Saturday for her move to California...things have been crazy.

Things haven't been made any easier by both my sister and sister in law being pissed at me about telling my friend I'd help her out Saturday. She'll be going home from the hospital Friday. She has a 7 year old and a 3 year old. Her mom is in San Francisco, her other best friend is out of state for training for her job, and her husband has to work all weekend at the base over an hour away from here (he's in the reserves)...this 3rd baby of hers was 9 lbs so she's in more pain than she was when she had her girls. She asked me if I'd help her out Saturday. And I was supposed to say no??? Sorry, not gonna do it.

Yes I'd already promised to spend the day with my sister, seeing as how she's leaving for CA that evening and I won't see her for years. Yes I'd already turned down the invite to my nephew's 1st bday party at 2:00 Saturday because it would piss my sister off if I went. But I couldn't leave my friend high and dry with her new baby, hurting, with 2 other kids to take care of. I'm a better friend than that.

So now my sister is pissed because I won't be with her ALL day. And my sister in law is BEYOND pissed because I wouldn't make my sister mad and go to her son's bday party, but I WOULD make my sister mad to go help out my friend who just had a baby.


Add into all this the fact that I've gotten nothing done at home because of being so busy, my dining room and part of my living room looks like my dryer threw up clean clothes all over the place, my husband continues to dirty the place up the second after I clean it, LITERALLY, I'm still having problems sleeping, Hailey's been waking up at midnight or 1 and the only way to get her back to sleep is put her in our bed which means no sleep for me...I fall asleep every night after I put Hailey to bed, don't even remember falling asleep, whether it's on the couch, in bed with all the lights on and my clothes still on, etc...but my husband STILL wakes me up and asks me to have sex with him, not even caring that I'm obviously exhausted, and when I turn him down (which is every single time, I guess I'm a horrible wife) he storms off throwing a tantrum and leaves an even BIGGER mess downstairs for me to deal with the next day. His tantrum last night involved knocking over piles of clean clothes I had folded. I found 2 onesies (that I got at a garage sale for Hailey's dolls) behind the damn recliner. ??? WHAT is the point of that, I would love to know? No sex so he makes even more of a mess for me?? Yea, like that makes any sense....more mess means I'm even more exhausted which means even LESS of a chance for sex, HELLO.

Hailey woke up at midnight last night...D brought her to me in bed, I'd only had about 45 minutes of sleep. And then he went downstairs and watched TV...why on Earth couldn't he have just handled it himself and let me sleep? Oh that's right, because he's back to his old selfish self where I have to do EVERYTHING and he does NOTHING. Except sit on his ever growing butt and watch TV and eat food and leave the wrappers in the living room. LOVING the married life right now, let me tell you.

So, to sum my week up...I'm exhausted, I hurt, Hailey hurts, Hailey's exhausted, my husband isn't helping me at all, my friend had her baby (cute, chubby little thing...even his knees are chubby! LOL), my sister leaves tomorrow (*tear*), and everybody and their brother is pissed off at me for being a good friend/person and helping someone out that really needs help. I got a letter from a collection agency this week about a medical bill I never even received a bill for (I'm guessing because of the move??), THAT'S wonderful! And I don't want to be at work today. Oh and I have nothing for lunch and D's used all the eating out money the past couple weeks because he isn't making his own lunch anymore for some reason AHEM **lazy**.

Please God (or anybody that's listening!), send some positive vibes my way!

**Update** Apparently my sister isn't mad at me anymore, so that's good at least. I'm going over to her house tonight to play Scrabble, Yahtzee and help her makes signs for my brother in law (he's coming home from Iraq the 17th!!!! YAY!!!!)

Now if only my husband would quit leaving his dirty underwear in the middle of the living room floor, getting the floor dirty after I've just cleaned it, be nice to me AND if lunch fell from the sky THEN I would be having a great day! :)

**2nd Update** So my sister in law finally emailed me back and is not mad at me anymore. Looks like God heard my plea and is helping me have a better day!

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