Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why I love shopping on Etsy...

I cannot stress enough how wonderful Etsy is...if you haven't checked it out yet, you really should. This is a perfect example of why...(and by the way, I politely declined her offer...the fingerprints add sentimental value) :)

(My email to HomeStudio, who I blogged about recently, and their reply...)

by HomeStudioprofileshopcontact
Hi Erin,

Thank you so much for the kind words and the back story. We LOVE the stories. That's what makes this all worthwhile.

Would you like another Breathe one? I wish the diamond glaze (top coat) wasn't so fragile. I have one that melted a few weeks ago because it was sooooo hot here.

Our best to your brother-in-law who served in Iraq for us. ♥

Thanks again! You made our day brighter. :)

Stef & Mark
16 September 2008 2:37pm EDT
by haymay0414profileshopcontact
Hi Stef,

We received the necklace in the mail last night...thank you so much!! My daughter was so excited, she loved it! She wore it all evening. She thinks the cats (it was the pink one w/ the white cat outlines on it) are weasels as we're ferret sitting right now and that's what she calls the ferret(that she loves to pieces and can't get enough of)...so the necklace is extra special to her.

I also wanted to let you know that the pendant I ordered from you all (Breathe Just Breathe) helped me through a really rough time...my sister who is my best friend moved to California this past Saturday to be with her husband who comes home from Iraq today (he's a Marine, this was his second time sent to Iraq unfortunately). Friday night and Saturday we spent making signs for his arrival home and playing, what else, Scrabble! :) I wore this pendant all day Saturday and everybody commented how neat it was that it was a scrabble tile pendant. I held onto it so much during the day to keep myself from crying that I made fingerprints in the clear coating. I know it seems silly, but it really did help me get through the day. It will always be special to me!

Many, many thanks...we continue to get compliments everywhere we go on these wonderful pendants.

Thanks again,


**Dealing with actual people, just like you and me, instead of a big corporation is just beyond wonderful...I have gotten many emails after I've made a purchase that made me so glad I spent my hard earned money on that item--anything from commenting on my pretty avatar and thanking me for my order, to telling me a little background on the item I purchased and why it's special to them. It's so refreshing to do business with such amazing, friendly people!!

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