Thursday, September 18, 2008

Washing lots of pukey laundry today as Hailey threw up all over our bed last night (and on the back of my husband's head, ew...)

My sister in law and I were supposed to get together at my house tonight for a craft mom was going to watch Hailey so we were going to be kid free. I'm so bummed that this probably isn't going to happen now. Hailey's fever is coming back up even though she only threw up the one time at about 4 this morning and my nephew has what they think is walking pneumonia. So we really should reschedule. We were so looking forward to it :(

Oh, and I'm so ready for the ferret to be gone...he keeps pottying on my tile by the door to the garage and all over his cage, not just in his litter box. And I am convinced he brought fleas with him, which I didn't know could be an issue with ferrets. I can't find any fleas or flea poop on him, but we all of a sudden have a few flea bites. I am ultra paranoid about fleas infesting my house. That happened to us one time when I was a little girl because we had inside/outside cats and OMG it was HORRIBLE. Exactly why I don't want any more pets. And one of the reasons my cat isn't allowed outside at all! (She also eats grass and then comes inside and throws up on my carpet....ICK animals are just grody).

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Ashley said...

I think you'd know if the ferret had fleas, as you'd see them hopping EVERYWHERE. So nasty. My dog brought them in when we first moved here, we tried everything, but they are horny bastards and multiply like crazy. I think finding one on Paisley's head was the last straw (she was a tiny baby at that point). Ugh. Sorry you're sick and can't do your craft night. That sounds like so much fun...