Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More randomness...I'm just full of it today!

I just talked to my sister. My dad might possibly be staying in my little brother's bedroom at my sister's house. Where my stepmom lives. I'm so tired of my family. They get a divorce and my dad moves my brother's crazy mother down here and says they're together then denies he ever said that and now supposedly they've saved up all this money and have their things packed and are hiding out upstairs at my dad's house just waiting to run out on him (my brother's brother's court date is today--for when he assaulted my sister). They blew up at my dad the other night and had my little brother really scared that my dad was going to get hurt. Apparently my brother's mother just came down here to get him, not to help my dad out. Shady, shady people. And crazy at that. So supposedly for his safety and because of my little brother's depressed breakdown about his family falling apart, my dad is maybe going to move into my sister's house. He says he still loves my stepmom, which DUH everybody knew but now SHE'S saying that they were together for so many years that surely there was a reason they were together. I just hate it. They never should have gotten divorced if they still thought they might want to be together. I'm ultra-upset almost to the verge of tears that my little sister is going to be thrown back into this all again. It's her own fault I know, I mean she didn't take my advice and get her own place, she let her mom move in with her. And now she's stuck in this lease with her mom. And I was so excited when they got their place because my dad is nothing but drama and it's been nice going over there to hang out with no worries that anything's going to happen. I just want my sister to get away from them so we can have a normal family but I'm starting to think that'll never happen.

So, switching gears again...on a more positive note, when I went home for lunch today I noticed that the cleaning fairy had been to my house this morning...not only did he unload/reload/run the dishwasher, but my microwave was also cleaned out and apparently both the kitchen and bathroom trashcans were emptied. I think somebody felt bad about last night :)

And I'll end this with another cute Hailey story...D was with her this morning until about 11:30. She was NOT happy when he was the one to get her up this morning. She cried begged for me and threw huge fits and even hit him for about 30 minutes. He tried time out, being sweet to her, everything and nothing worked. Finally she resorted to laying on the floor, depressed, refusing to even talk to him. He called me and my first instinct was to rush home and save the day. But luckily he was able to get her to talk to me on the phone. I asked her if she wanted a bagel and she brightened up right away. I told her to tell Daddy to go get her a bagel. She said "Daddy, go to the kitchen and get me a gagel." Then I told her to have fun with Daddy and show him her toys and play Wintendo (the Wii) with him. I told her I loved her so much and she said "I love you too" and then she was fine, back to her normal happy self. Thank God she's reached the age that I can talk to her over the phone and help when I can't actually be there in person. And who knew bagels were so uplifting to the spirits! LOL

D called me back about 5 minutes later and said "Do I have to do anything to this to get it ready to eat?" I might note that these are those new Bagelfulls from Kraft...Hailey loves them. Only way I can get her to eat the bagel and not just lick the cream cheese off the top! So I told him no, he just needed to peel the plastic down halfway and give it to her to eat, just like a candy bar. I told him NOT to take the plastic off because she would throw a huge fit and refuse to eat it. I also told him to give her a strawberry cream cheese one because the original ones are mine and I doubt she'd like it and then she wouldn't want a strawberry one if he offered that to her afterwards. He was so confused. "What do you mean strawberry or original, there isn't any cream cheese on this thing!" I told him to just look at the package and it says right on there. He said "I'm looking at these multigrain bagels on the counter!" OH JEEZ. I said "Honey, those aren't bagels, those are english muffins! The bagels are in the fridge in the box!" He said "No wonder when I showed her the package and asked her if she was sure she wanted a bagel she said 'Daddy that's not a gagel, that's bread!'" I could hear her in the background screaming "Somebody's outside mowing! Mowing the grass!" She was so excited, she loves to watch the mowers. I'm just glad he's trying to get things right and calling me for help. Really makes me feel better. Course when I showed up today at lunch she was running around in her blue puppy pjs, hair not combed, eating a pop tart with her pink fake crocs on. LOL Men...

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