Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cheap food

Ok everyone I'm on the lookout for cheap recipes that use minimal ingredients that aren't too far out there. Like made from stuff I would normally buy. I don't want any kind of Rachel Ray crap where I have to buy like capers or anything LOL I don't want ingredients to go to waste. If you have any recipes that your family loves that are in the "cheap" category, PLEASE PLEASE send them my way! I've already got big plans for home made spaghetti sauce made with home grown ingredients...I just need to buy some tomato and herb plants first. Both really cheap, I'm just waiting on my stimulus check to get here! I plan on freezing the sauce too, not canning it.

Also I'd like to know everybody's opinion, do you think making your own bread is really cheaper than buying say a loaf of Sara Lee at Walmart for a little over $2?

We're really trying to trim costs in the grocery area. Any tips would be great!! Thanks!!


Joanna said...

First I wanna say...I have had a lot of catching up to do! I have been here and there reading, but just never a minute to comment...Thanks for the mention by the way! : )

Cheap...I love that idea...I am doing the same. For one thing, it's SO hard to buy and not let food (especially fresh) go to waste. So, I did post a recipe on the applebees roll up that was cheap to make. And with the lettuce and tomatoes that are left you can always add a salad to your meals...Or have tacos with the lettuce and tomatoes and buy a larger thing of tortillas and then you won't be wasting any...Use them for the roll ups and then the tacos. As far as making bread, I have not a clue. I think that up front it's gonna cost more to make it, buying everything you need and stuff. But in the long run of it, you will save the money because you will have the stuff there which in turn will make more then just a loaf or two.

Erin said...

Ok I love the tacos/rollups idea. I'll have to try that! See that's my problem, I never would have thought of that before...I need to be told what to do, I can't just come up w/ things like that in my head. Seems so simple but I just can't do it! Thanks for the tips!!

Joanna said...

Your welcome...I am the same way. I was just going through my cook book and looking for recipes with a couple of the same ingredients, that way it would help save money. Also another idea, I don't know if you buy bananas or not, but we always buy them and a couple always seems to almost turn bad on us. I just make sure to always have some vanilla instant pudding on hand (it's one of my staples) and then when I find those bananas instead of having to throw them out I will make the pudding and slice the bananas and stir in. Voila, banana pudding...And if you have vanilla wafers you can add those too, but those aren't a necessary thing. I have even used animal crackers because they sorta have the same sweet flavor. : )

Erin said...

Ooh the bananas in vanilla pudding thing is a great idea! I bed Hailey would love that!