Monday, May 12, 2008

Thanks Georgie

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new vacuum.

I vacuumed my house yesterday with the old vacuum. It started making a scary noise. I went out and bought a new vacuum. I went home and vacuumed my house again (because I am a freak about having a clean floor) and OH.MY.GOD. Either my old vacuum was really shitty or my new vacuum totally rocks (or maybe both) because the canister was FULL of dust and cat hair and whatnot. After I'd just vacuumed with Old Vacuum.

Maybe my thanks to good old George (gag!) is a bit premature. I actually haven't gotten my stimulus money yet. Supposed to get it this week. I'm holding out high hopes but I will honestly not be surprised if it doesn't show up in my account by Friday. So I guess I should really be thanking Capital One for allowing me to borrow their money to purchase my new totally awesome vacuum.

Isn't it pretty? Hailey loves it too.

Oh and yea I got home and my mom looked at Old Vacuum to see if she could fix it so she could have it since her boyfriend still has hers...and there was a little piece of paper stuck up in there. After it was removed it didn't make that God awful noise anymore. I could have SWORE the motor was shot by the horrible screeching sound it was making! Oh well. New Vacuum has a hand held rotary tool so I'll be able to vacuum the stairs at our new place after we move. Old Vacuum didn't have that. And I've actually been really worried about how I was going to vacuum the stairs. Seriously bugs me when I go to someone's house and there's fuzz and cat hair and whatnot in the stair crevices. So see...I needed a new vacuum anyway. Plus, did I mention how clean and fluffy my carpet looks now??? Amazing the dirt that came out of that thing. EW.

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