Thursday, May 1, 2008

More updates from my crazy life!

First off I'll start off by saying we found a new place to live!! I am SO beyond excited to move. July 1st cannot get here fast enough! It's a duplex and we'll have 350 sqft more than we do now, PLUS a garage, and a fenced in back yard (it's a little small but who cares, it's all ours and there's NO DOGPOOP!). Oh and did I mention we'll have 3 bedrooms now?? YES! Playroom for Hailey!! No more toys overtaking my living room! I am just so freaking excited. And you know what? Hailey already loves it. If we're in that area of town she actually asks "Mommy we go see house?" and she throws a fit when we just drive by and don't stop and get out. When we were still contemplating taking the place we would get out and go look at the yard and whatnot and Hailey would totally flip out when it was time to leave. She's going to be so excited when we move in...confused I'm sure, but excited. So...yay!

Now moving onto the not so positive bits that have happened in the last 24 hours. My sister called me last night to inform me that my dad had already moved his 30something year old girlfriend into his house. I knew he had a girlfriend in her 30's. Well guess who the HELL it is. Go on, just guess. It's my other brother's MOTHER! The brother that's barely a year younger than me (from Ohio but lives w/ my dad now). This is the lady he shit talked for so many years, the lady we've all grown up hating, the lady he CHEATED ON MY MOTHER with when I was only about 3 or 4 months old. This is the 15 year old girl he knocked up while my mom was back in North Carolina all alone, poor as hell, trying to learn to be a new mom all on her own. This lady is not only in my state, my TOWN...she's in my father's house. I feel icky. She's a crackhead, totally white trash. And what's more, apparently he's saying she's always been the love of his life. WTF. Thanks pops. So while my mom, your WIFE at the time, is at home all by herself with no family around, no money, trying to take care of a 3 month old ME, you're out knocking up the 15 year old love of your life. And then you come back and after the divorce you get together with my stepmom and use her all those years, you know, pop out a couple more kids with her whom I love so much words can't keep her around til she has had enough of your crap and then you FINALLY reunite with the love of your life. You are a LOSER. You're a jerk. You use people. You only care about yourself. I don't ever want to meet this woman. Thank God I've never seen a picture of her. I've only imagined what she looks like, how she acts, what her voice sounds like...and that's all she's going to ever be to me, this imaginary woman in my head that forever ruined my life...or saved it, depending on how you want to look at the situation. Hey maybe I do need to meet her...and thank her for getting knocked up and finally making my mom leave your sorry ass.

My stepmom is not handling any of this well. After years of abuse, both physical and emotional, she can't handle things well. Last night my sister called me at midnight waking me out of a very sound sleep. My stepmom had gotten drunk and taken a bunch of pills and had passed out. I love this woman dearly and it's so sad how she can be so normal one minute and then like that another. And what's even sadder is that my sister's news about my stepmom's state wasn't even enough to wake me out of my sleep because I'm so used to that sort of thing happening on that side of the family. I just mumbled "I'm really sorry hon, just keep checking on her to make sure she's still breathing. I'll talk to you tomorrow" and I went back to sleep. This morning it was business as usual. My sister called me griping how her little dog shit in the back seat of her car and she couldn't get it out. I told her we'd use my carpet cleaner and not to worry about it and we talked about my friend in Japan and life went on as usual.

My life isn't sad by any means. I don't feel sorry for myself that this crap happens. It sort of sucks that we can be so nonchalant about things that might ordinarily be a pretty major deal. It's sad we just roll our eyes and think "oh jeez." But oh well. Whatever. I've learned to just laugh at the drama, as bad as that sounds. So my sister ran off to Florida a few weeks ago with my niece and nephews to get back together with her crackhead-alcoholic-daughter-molesting husband?? Just another day in my life...


Wendy said...

congrats on the new apartment:) Hopefully living in a better place will help you to deal with your other family problems!

Joanna said...

So happy for yall! : D
That 3rd bedroom a playroom? Perfect for a new nursery! J/K.

I hope that everything works out with your family! And I agree with Wendy, hopefully living in a new place will help you deal with those problems!

Jaime said...

Woot, congrats on the duplex ;)