Friday, May 9, 2008

Birthday make up

Our friend A has been watching Hailey all this week while our sitter is on maternity leave. Yesterday his girlfriend had off work and was home with their little baby boy. I felt really bad about making him come all the way to our town (30 minutes from where they live) to watch Hailey when he could be home with his little family, so on the way home for lunch I called my boss and asked for the rest of the day off. He said it was fine, and A seemed really thankful when I told him what I'd done. I took Hailey back to work with me for an hour or so so I could finish up the work I needed to finish. She was so good! She colored me some pictures with my highlighters and used my date stamp a bunch. My coworker brought her a handful of brightly colored paper and Hailey thought that was oh so cool. She colored me lady bugs on all of them. :) The others with kids here at work have "work artwork" from their kids hanging I finally do too!! I was able to get all of my work done and Hailey thought my job was really interesting. She LOVED the check sealer. I explained to her that it was going to be really loud and not to be scared. When I turned it on her face lit up and she pointed and said "I like that!!! I like that Mommy!" She thought the postage machine was pretty cool too and even wanted to help me get the checks out of the bin at the end and stack them neatly! For an hour I had a little shadow following me around everywhere. I am so so so thankful that I work in a place that is so kid friendly. At the hell hole where I used to work I couldn't even take Hailey past the lobby!!!! Let alone have her come to work with me for a while! AMAZING. God really did bless me with this job.

(Speaking of the hell hole, guess what I found out yesterday! ANOTHER one of my coworkers was shoved out the door! They made her so miserable after I left and finally Friday they pushed her to tears--and she is a very professional woman--so she just left! And my position is still open as well!! HAHA!! Serves them right...)

After I was done with my work I asked Hailey if she wanted pizza or salad for lunch. She said "ME WANT SALAD!!!" She's like the salad monster LOL So I took her to Ruby Tuesday's which is just a block down the road from where I work. I asked for a booth next to the salad bar. We got a nice corner booth. Having lunch just the two of us was so nice. We sat next to each other, she cuddled me a bit, and she even let me get up and get her salad myself without demanding to go with me and "help" me. She did say pretty loudly while I was at the salad bar "Get me some grapes! I WANT GRAPES! MOMMY, GRAPES!!" but when I put her plate of food in front of her she sat quietly and ate while I went to get my food--well she did yell once "Mommy, you getting grapes too???" LOL but other than that she was great. She ate almost all her food! She had her usual eggs, ham, peas, carrots, lettuce and cheese w/ a little bit of ranch dressing and she ate two helpings of grapes! It made me feel really good that she ate so well because this week has not been a good eating week for her w/ A watching her. She hasn't really wanted to eat much and she'd have stuff like poptarts and whatnot when I wasn't there. After we'd had enough to eat we went to Toys R Us which is right across the road! I was totally making up for her birthday that didn't go as I'd planned. I've felt bad for that ever since that day. So we went and walked around Toys R Us...she pulled one of those ball popper things everywhere calling it her lawn mower or her vacuum. I found some neat toys for her for her birthday--a flat screen Light Brite that was only $9.99 and she picked out a huge 120 piece set of fake food that is really really neat that was only $15.99. She won't even remember it by the time she opens it at her big family birthday party on the 24th! I also found out they carry the line of Loving Family doll house toys there! I was shocked! I assumed they didn't since they don't online. I got her the office set and the parents' bedroom set. My mother in law will pay me back for those and give them to her for her bday. I also bought Hailey THIS little puppy.
She LOOOVES it. The first one we bought didn't bark so after her nap we had to take it back. She told the guy at the customer service desk "It don't work, gotta get a new one" and she took off to find her a new puppy. We took it out to make sure it worked before we left the store and she was happy as pie when it did. She carried the puppy across the parking lot saying "Gotta carry it so it won't get runned over by cars." She even slept with the puppy last night (minus the pink cord which I just untied and took off for the night). We went home and she took a nap while I did a couple blog posts on the family blog FINALLY. All in all it was a great afternoon! Totally made up for her birthday afternoon I think!

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