Saturday, May 3, 2008


So here's the dress I bought for my friend's wedding that was cancelled. I really need to get this thing sold. I need to sell it for $100.00. I paid appx. $160.00 (plus taxes) for this dress and we don't have that kind of money to just blow. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can accept payment by PayPal if anyone is interested.


The dress is a size 2. The color is Periwinkle (the color looks different in some of the pictures because of the close range in which I took the pictures--it's just because my camera's not perfect). The dress is strapless but it includes detachable spaghetti straps, also periwinkle in color. The tags are still attached and I've never even tried the dress on! It could be worn as a bridesmaid's dress, for prom, or any formal occassion.

Any questions feel free to ask! THANKS!

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