Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Ok so let's switch gears here for a second and talk about how INSANELY excited I am about moving. July 1st cannot come fast enough. I'm still having a few nervous jitters about what condition the carpet and everything else is going to be in but at the same time I still just cannot wait to move. I feel like I should get started organizing and packing up things we don't use now...but is it too soon? I told D while we were on our walk Sunday evening...for somebody that thrives on and NEEDS organization to live a happy life, I totally suck at it. I feel like I have no organizational skills. Tell me what to do and I can do it easily and keep it that way. Maybe it's not organizational skills I lack but an imagination. I follow directions well. Coming up with the directions? Not my strong point. The precise reason I haven't started putting all my neat-o scrapbooking supplies to good use yet. Nobody's told me yet where to put everything on the paper. Anywho...with that said I still cannot wait to get in there and organize our new place. We'll have more storage (although my mom--Miss Negativity that she is lately--was quick to point out last night that it will fill up a LOT quicker than we think) and actually be able to have, say, a dining room without stuff stored in all the corners like Hailey's stroller, a computer desk we have no place for right now (that has other stuff stored on, in and around it too), D's hunting stuff (laden with ticks and stick-tights I'm sure) piled in our entryway and golf paraphenalia littering the whole house. We'll have a garage (where I plan on banishing D's various outdoor goods FINALLY!!) and we'll also have a huge storage place under the stairs leading to the second level where I can finally store all our baby supplies. Hailey will actually have her own closet where we can put her clothes and things, we'll have a spare closet in the 2nd bedroom for even MORE storage (I'm thinking extra towels and blankets, little bins of toys and that sort of thing) and our kitchen is so big we'll even be able to put Hailey's little folding table in there for her to eat at or color at or whatever while I'm cooking (right now it's in the living room and I quit letting her eat in there because for one she got stuff all over our carpet and two she would watch TV and not eat much). I've got things all planned out in my head and even have grand plans for the back yard. I'm thinking potted plants, a tomato plant, one of those hanging bag plants to mask the wood fence right outside our door...and Hailey's outside toys like her little car and stuff can be tucked inside the garage as well!

The downside of all this is we need major storage supplies, like bins and shelving units for the garage and whatnot. It'll take some time to put everything in order, and we're probably going to have to purchase a lawnmower too since the lawn care at this place is up to us. I hate saying it, since we're really trying to pay off all our debt and live off what we make (Joanna is trying to do the same thing and her posts really inspire me to keep going with our journey!), but we might have to break out the good ol' Home Depot credit card for some things we need. Like the mower, and some sort of window covering that Hailey can't strangle herself in. The windows in our new place are much lower to the ground--like within Hailey's reach. Any ideas on that would be GREATLY appreciated. I want something that will allow her to still see out her window (why the contact paper that Kayce used wouldn't work for us), will block out some light when closed (we do have purple curtains in her room too now covering her blinds but they don't block out enough light on their own) but is something that isn't such a strangulation hazard like normal blinds. I thought maybe just a second set of curtains? But I like how with blinds you can have them open a little towards the floor or ceiling, angled so it lets in light but people can't see in your house...I would lose that w/ just curtains.

Luckily we've had a lot of offers to help us move. It's sort of a bummer that it's over the 4th of July weekend though and add in there the fact that D's cousin is getting married the 5th...well, it's going to be sort of chaotic to say the least. Exciting, but chaotic!

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