Monday, April 7, 2008


It's really hard to put my thoughts into words right now, I'm going on a couple hours of bear with me.

My mom, Hailey and I ran by Walmart yesterday evening. I was exhausted from a weekend of non-stop cleaning and sort of felt like I was walking around in a fog. Hailey used to do great at the store. I could usually give her something to eat and she'd sit there nicely, quietly eating. Now that she's a big girl (WAY too big for her britches in fact) she insists on walking most of the time. Which wouldn't be a problem except she likes to dart right in front of people...people who then give me dirty looks like "Can't you control your kid??" Or she'll run down the isle before I can stop her. She's fearless when it comes to some things. I'm not like that, I never have been. On one hand this is a good thing...maybe she won't be as painfully shy as I was growing up. But on the other hand, how many times is she going to hurt herself before she listens to me? What's it going to take for her to get my point? Falling down the stairs and breaking the fall with her face at my brother and sister in law's house sure didn't do the trick. Nor did flipping out of the front of the cart and splatting on the hard concrete floor at Walmart last night.


The problem is, something horrible happens and she cries for MAYBE 5 minutes tops. Then she's fine and wants to go play. Not a mark on her. No blood, no bruises, no scrapes. Don't get me wrong, she's got bruises all over her legs. One on her butt. One on her back. I'm ultra paranoid somebody's going to see her and think we abuse her! But it's not from major stuff like this. She's just clumsy like me and falls a lot, or runs into stuff etc. Last night I ran into my mom's car...she always jokes about how clumsy I in "Didn't see the car there didja?" I thank God that Hailey's never really been hurt badly when something horrible like this happens. I don't know HOW she's not at LEAST bruised...but I thank God. It could have turned out much, much worse each time these things happened.

Besides having no idea how to teach her that she can't run off in a store (because talking firmly and putting her in time outs just doesn't work) or walk down stairs herself or climb out of a cart on her own...there's also the issue of this huge guilt I feel. Other people's kids aren't getting hurt like this. I've never in my life seen a kid fall out of a shopping cart. Yea, those warnings on the little flip down plastic thing in the kid's seat?? There are a REASON for those. I grew up riding in the basket of the cart, I thought people that insisted their kids only rode strapped in to the child seat were overly anal. That's one thing I've learned since having a kid...your views on parenting before you have kids are constantly changed after you actually have one. So back to my point...I feel so incredibly responsible and horribly guilty for these falls she's had. I've turned my back for one second and BOOM it's happened. But these things don't seem to be happening to other kids...why on earth can't I keep them from happening to mine? Am I a bad mother? I can't keep an eye on her 100% of the time. I should be able to turn away for a second to grab a package of strawberries without having to worry she's going to dive headfirst out of the cart. She's 2 years old for God sakes!!!! And why does she run away? Why is she not scared of all these people walking around her? Why is it hilarious to make Mommy leave her purse and cart and have to chase after her, when the end result is me holding her very firmly (sometimes upside down or by her legs or whatever other part of her I can grab) and telling her in a very mean voice what she did and why it is wrong. My kid doesn't throw tantrums hardly EVER. If she does they're very short lived, no longer than 30 seconds. She doesn't get into things at home that she shouldn't. I never had to baby proof except to put those little plugs in the outlets. She doesn't climb on the furniture. She doesn't jump of the couch or off her bed. But then she'll try to climb out of a shopping cart herself or go down stairs without railings. Repeatedly. You'd think she'd be afraid of stairs after that incident, right? Nah. Sure she lets me hold her hand more now without arguing. But she's still more than happy to try them herself.

She's just like her father. If he says he wants to try something fairly dangerous, like doing a back flip off the side of the swimming pool when he hasn't in YEARS and is quite a few pounds heavier than he was as a can't tell him not to, you can't tell him he's going to hurt himself, because he'll do it anyway. Afterwards, when you're fishing him out of the water with a huge goose egg on his head, you say "I told you so" and he learns his lesson and you move on. Is this the way I'm going to have to raise Hailey? Do everything I possibly can to keep her from getting hurt while living in fear that the second I turn my back she's going to do something really daring and hurt herself? So I can give her the lecture "Hailey, Mommy told you you cannot climb out of the cart by yourself...that's what happens, you fall and hurt yourself. You have to ask for help if you want to do that, you say 'Mommy please get me out of the cart.'"??

I'm so confused right now. I can tell I'm not even making any sense. My job as Hailey's parent is to keep her safe, teach her lessons and rules, instill good values in her and hopefully give her a happy life. I feel like I'm failing, hugely.

She's a good kid. She's amazingly caring and gentle and sweet. But she got my stubbornness, my bossiness, my clumsiness...D's focus (this is good and bad) and daring and apparently sometimes bad judgement. (Or is that last one just a toddler trait???) And she's not ALWAYS like that when we go out...she's just unusually squirrelly sometimes.

I'm sick of people looking at me like I'm a bad mother. YAY for them that their kid sits in the cart or their stroller like an angel and doesn't move or talk. My kid is more strong-willed (and wants to participate in every activity...she's not just there to look cute). I'm not sure how to change that. What am I doing wrong? And how can I shake this feeling like these things should NOT be happening to her, and that I'm a horrible mother for turning my back for a second?

I'm to the point where I don't want to take her anywhere anymore because I'm afraid she'll get hurt. She doesn't get hurt at home. Nobody's judging us at home or getting irritated at my kid (ok most people think she's adorable, but she does get looks sometimes that make me want to walk up and smack the person). I've always felt very strongly about not altering your life hugely just for your kids...about taking them with you to do things so they learn how to behave going out to eat or in a store etc. But I don't want her to get hurt in the process.


Joanna (Mof2) said...

I felt like I was writing this. Kelsie is the same way. Since she learned to walk she does not want to sit in the shopping cart nor her stroller. She runs wild in the stores. She won't hold anybody's hand, she don't want to be carried, she just runs like there's not a care in the world. She darts in front of other peoples carts all the time, down asiles way ahead of us. We are constantly getting onto her, putting her back in the cart and strapping her down. We strap because I know that she will just jump out if she isn't wanting in there anymore. She has tried it before, just luckily while we were standing within catching length. She is notorious for climbing and hiding on the shelves between the items. And I am like you, I see other peoples kids riding like little angels. I don't know why my child is like thist. At home, she is pretty much the same way. She does jump off furniture and land on the floor. She has been hurt pretty bad, unlike Hailey. She has fallen in the bathtub because of jumping around. She busted her chin open and it needed to be glued shut at the ER. She fell in the kitchen floor and smacked her face, knocking a front tooth loose. Luckily it didn't come out and the gum tightened back up around it. And she is ok. I keep telling myself she is just a kid and gets hurt. With her being my second (and just as wild) I have learned to let her just be. Not that I want her to get hurt. But you can't keep an eye on her 24/7. I don't know how to tell you to get over your feeling because she is your first and I don't think you can get over it. I can tell you that it will be better, when I don't know. What will happen before it gets better, I don't know. Good Luck. And if you find anything that keeps her in the cart, let me know! We have tried it all. If you haven't tried suckers, this did help Kelsie for a couple of months.
Wow what a comment! Haha.

Erin said...

It's funny you mentioned the suckers because there for a few weeks Push Pops did the trick! Gold fish used to keep her busy...or Mickey Mouse cheese. My grandma always let me eat in the cart while doing her grocery shopping (fried chicken livers LOL YUM) so I don't think anything of it but everybody gives me bad looks like I shouldn't be letting my kid eat stuff before we've bought it! Having her "help" helps some of the time, but if she's got a wild hair up her butt there is just no occupying her.

I talked to my little sister this morning after I wrote this post...apparently my little brother, the best protected kid in the world thanks to my dad's ultra-paranoia, fell out of the cart onto his head when he was Hailey's age. So apparently it does happen. I guess it's just not talked about.

Jaime said...

Arwen is the ultimate dare devil. She knows NO fear at all.

One day she climbed onto the 'bench' of our family dinner table. It's literally that, a long bench with a back and rails that sits opposite two chairs on the other side. The bench is heavy and I told her to get down (I was cooking, she was almost 2 at the time).

Needless to say, she didn't listen and the bench fell backward with her falling between it and the floor. I immediately saw blood and rushed her into the bathroom. Her tooth had went through the bottom skin below her lip. She still carries a small scar from it.

That is just how children are. And you're right, you cannot hawkeye them 24/7. Don't beat yourself up when she gets hurt. Eventually she will learn. I suppose that sounds bad but with 4 children we pretty much live by the motto, a little blood never killed anymore.

As for the 'stares' people give. You will get those no matter what. Truth is people nowadays are so freaking judgemental of others. You sound a lot like myself. I care so much of what other people think of me (especially when it comes to my children) but I'm learning to grow a thicker skin. I'm sure you will too. ;)

Kristin said...

Sounds oh so familiar. I still haven't figured it all out, so I have nothing to say to help you out other than... I totally understand.