Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Recap

Ok so I thought I'd shift moods a bit and tell a little about the rest of my weekend.

It was tiring, but it was OH.SO.PRODUCTIVE! D didn't end up having to leave til yesterday morning and he was so great about helping me Saturday before he went to practice. We FINALLY got the crib taken down! I had to empty it of all the stuffed animals and clothes we'd been storing in it, peel off the dust-coated bedding (which I washed before I stored) and Hailey helped take her old crib apart. I thought that was a rather momentous occasion. I also went through her huge stack of blankets and packed away all the baby blankets. All that's left is her changing pads, sheets for her daybed and her big girl blankets! Since we took the crib down (which my father in law so nicely took to my mother's to store until we move) I could FINALLY get to Hailey's closet! I took down all the clothes hanging up from last season that are way too tiny for her now and washed them all before I put them in storage. I also finally got all her summer clothes together and washed all of that as well. It is so nice to finally be able to hang up clothes in her closet and actually get to them!! All her little dresses and skirts will stay nice and fluffy now that they aren't squashed in a dresser drawer. I dusted the window sills. I bought a new 3-drawer storage container for all my scrapbook supplies and got that organized. As soon as my friend completes the craft room in the basement of her house we're going to do some serious scrap booking sessions! I cleaned off the piles of bills from the kitchen table so we can use all 4 chairs now instead of just 3. I re-organized Hailey's closet and even got her old high chair to fit in there so it's not taking up space in the dining room anymore (and so I won't stub my dang toe on it any longer!!!). I also found a new shower curtain at Walmart for the bargain price of $3 on clearance!!! It was originally $16! It's a sheer shiny fabric one with gold thread embroidery. I LOVE it! I got that washed/dried and hung up. I bought new air fresheners for the bathrooms and laundry room. I cleaned off the bathroom counter and cleaned the toilet and washed the bathroom rugs. I completely dusted the entertainment unit in the living room (ok even the undersides of the shelves were coated in a thick layer of dust!!!) and Windexed the TV (Hailey loves to "clean" the TV with her antibacterial wipes and the dust sticks to the film like crazy, it was a mess!). I even cleaned the windows in the living room! Sunday I vacuumed and shampooed the whole house! It feels so incredibly good to have a more organized, clean house. It's still a long way from being done, but I got enough done this weekend to really feel like I accomplished something!

I even bought myself 2 new pairs of shoes at Payless yesterday afternoon. These my sister has had for months. I wasn't sure if I liked them when she first got them, but they've grown on me and are SO comfortable. I needed a pair of little slip on tennis shoes like these, and they'll go with everything...

These I really liked when I saw them. It kind of sucked because the 6.5 was too big and the 6 is a little small...I went ahead and got the 6. I'm sure they're stretch out the more I wear them.

Hailey's birthday is coming up in a week. Since D will be out of town we won't be having her party until he's done with school for the semester. I do want to have a little mini party that evening for her though. I took the day off work to spend with her. I'm going to get her a little cake and some balloons. I've been searching for the perfect present for her for a long time now and FINALLY found something I know she would absolutely love. And of course they don't have it in any of the stores around here and to have it shipped here in time would cost a fortune! I'm also irritated because when I first looked at it online it was eligible for free shipping to the store...and then 30 minutes later when I went back online to order it, it wasn't eligible for the free shipping to the store anymore. The only option is to have it shipped to your house!! What the heck is up with that??? Normal shipping is $10.97 and it still may not get here in time for her birthday. It's already $57, I can't pay half that to have it shipped here in time. So I'm not sure what to do! I don't really want to wait until June to give it to her at her big party...??? I don't know what to do!

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Erin said...

I love that feeling of getting stuff accomplished on the weekend, it makes the week so much better!