Thursday, April 17, 2008


I just found out my sister in law is pregnant again. This one was a surprise, they weren't wanting anymore...they'd found a dr. to do my brother in laws vasectomy. And now they're pregnant. She's exactly as far along as I was going to be if I'd gotten a positive test. Due in December. I feel bad for her, she's really upset. They don't have the money for another one. Baby W is only 7 months old...this baby will be their 3rd. But you better believe the inlaws will be jumping for joy and supporting them any way they can (they would have been devastated at our news if we had been).

I'm relieved I'm not pregnant because I really really wanted to PLAN our next one. I'm thanking God I'm not the one in this situation right now. I'm not the one all nervous at how my inlaws are going to react because we don't have the money or the room in our house. Or freaking out about being able to afford daycare.

It still would have been pretty stinking awesome if we were pregnant at the exact same time. She's one of those types of women that it would have been really neat to be pregnant with. And God wouldn't the inlaws have shit their britches, 2 pregnant daughter in laws and 2 babies at once! Would have been pretty neat.

Now she's really pushing us to try for another one. Maybe once we get into our new place this summer, have more room, know more of how D's career is going to go...then we can think about trying. We'll see...

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Kayce said...

You think you were having sympathy symptoms for her? Lol. It's probably good that you're not in that situation right now, and maybe the in-laws will be cooler about your kids if they feel like you're in a better situation for the next one. And in the meantime you get to be an aunt to another little sweet baby!