Thursday, April 17, 2008


So I have a ton of clothes and possibly some other things too that I need to get rid of. The clothes are new or in like new condition, stuff I bought before I got pregnant and either never got to wear or I'll never fit into again. Tons of little camis and stuff. I'm thinking of trying to sell the stuff on Ebay but it doesn't seem like clothes sell for much on there. And how on Earth do you figure out how much it costs to ship something to somebody? I can't think of any other way to sell this stuff...we can't have a yard sale where we're at and the consignment store here in town only takes stuff that's sort of quirky or vintagy (sp??) so they wouldn't take a whole lot of what I have. Any ideas??


Wendy said...

Craigslist would be perfect for that!

Jaime said...

If you sell on ebay and need any help just let me know. You need to come up with good selling conditions and I'd suggest selling in flat rate (up to a certain amount of weight) priority mail boxes since you don't have a scale. ;)