Tuesday, October 2, 2007


We've been really busy lately, I haven't had any time to post! I have been keeping up on everyone's blogs though...or at least trying to.

Hm, let's see, what's been going on lately....WEDDINGS...lots of them. This past Saturday night was the first of 4. Saturday morning I had a dress fitting for a wedding I'm going to be in in April. The next one is that of a good family friend in good 'ol St. Louie on October 20th. We have to stay overnight for that one, at D's grandparents' house. We'll see how that turns out...LOVE his grandparents, they are so incredibly sweet. But Hailey doesn't do so well with the whole sleeping thing at other people's houses. Which makes for a cranky toddler and also makes for a cranky mommy. But, my hopes are high that the weekend will go smoothly. At the wedding this past Saturday Hailey slept through the whole ceremony, like a little angel(well a little angel that snores very loudly anyway) which NEVER happens. For her to be asleep instead of up wreaking all kinds of havoc and being right in the middle of the action, is amazing. So the next wedding after the October one is in December. My sister is getting married December 8, and I continue to get daily phone calls from her where we talk all things wedding. She's really excited. I'm really excited...and very stressed. Then on to the last one...in April, 2 days before Hailey's birthday(talk about horrible timing). I think I've had my fill of weddings thankyouverymuch.

Well I spose I should update about Hailey. She's almost 18 months old, already! Where did the time go?? She's still a chatterbox. We've moved on to full sentences now. Which means less tantrums, since I can understand what she wants better now. Although she still mis-pronounces some words which makes it take a little longer to figure her out "What?!?! You want to watch your bitch movie??? WHAT?? Hailey point to the movie. Is it this one? Shrek? NO? Lion? WHICH ONE?? OOOOOOOOOOOOH, beach, not bitch. Alrighty then..." Luckily, she has some amount of patience with me, although she does give me looks of "DUH mom" quite often. I've found I really have to watch myself now, and my reactions to EVERYTHING. She's taken to growling the words "NO MOMMY!" whenever I'm doing something I shouldn't be. As in getting dressed in the mornings. Or doing something she would like to do herself. She bosses everybody around like this. This morning my mom and I had a whole conversation about how the Wii got turned on in the middle of the night. Did the cat brush up against it? Did the crazy neighbors break in just to play our Wii and so rudely left it on before leaving?? Is it possessed? My mom turned it off. And here comes Hailey, growling away, telling her no, and turning it back on. Apparently she likes the pretty blue lights. While she is definitely a sassy little thing, she is also very sweet and caring, and such a little girl now that it's just the cutest thing ever. She's obsessed with my shoes, and thinks all shoes are hers. She especially loves heels (and can walk surprisingly well in them!) We got her her very own pair of play heels(bright pink w/ feathers!) from the Dollar Tree Saturday and she was in heaven. She also loves going through jewelry boxes. She reminds me of myself when I was little. I loved going through my grandma's china cabinet and holding all the delicate little figurines, or going through my mom's jewelry box and trying on all the pretty things. She also loves makeup. When our compacts are empty we give them to her and she takes the brushes and dabs them on her face with such a serious look on her face. She loves putting makeup on mommy. She points and says "pitty!" She likes to play with my hair now as well. Sunday evening she "fixed" it for a good 30 minutes. Another very sweet thing she's started lately is touching my face and hair and patting me and kissing me just like I do to her. She will pat my cheek and rub my hair back w/ her face right in mine and say "mom-mee" and then give me a kiss and hug me. It's the greatest thing in the world. She doesn't care what I look like, or where we are or what's going on, she loves me no matter what and she loves to show it. Last night my mom hurt herself in the kitchen and I called out "Are you ok?" A while later she did it again and this time Hailey called out "Are you ok?" For the rest of the evening she asked all of us, including the cat, if we were ok. I absolutely love my little girl!

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