Wednesday, October 3, 2007


We're working on the credit counseling thing. Hopefully we'll get that ball rolling by tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime I am incredibly stressed trying to figure out what to do about our current situation. I hate being poor. D had better get a damn good job when he graduates in May to make this all worth it.

For now, I'll end today with a few products that I am loving lately...

First off, the Tide Pen. Seriously, it's as awesome as the commercials show. Hailey loves ketchup. Hailey also loves giving mommy hugs with ketchupy hands. The tide pen gets the ketchup right out. Yesterday at lunch I spilled pasta salad all over my shirt. The tide pen saved the day. One day I had to Tide Pen literally the whole butt of my khaki capris here at work. Huge soda stain from D's car seat. After it dried, the stain was gone. I could be a walking billboard for this product. I have been known to be carrying Hailey into Walmart in one arm and using the Tide Pen with the other hand...yea I'm cool like that.

I found this product on a shopping trip to Walmart a couple weeks ago. It's amazing. It's not as strong as juice, and it's just as thirst quenching as water. The whole bottle is only 35 calories, I know what all the ingredients are that it's made of, and it tastes great as well. I'm quite partial to this flavor, although they do make it in 3 others.

The last product for today is actually a baby food product from Gerber. I give it to Hailey to feed to herself with a spoon...we like it because 1. She thinks it tastes great! She loves all the flavors; and 2. It's so healthy for her, very basic ingredients, grains included(such as granola etc.) and as an added bonus it now has DHA in it!

Oh and I almost is the dress my sister is buying for me to wear in her wedding! It's much prettier in person, I LOVE it! It actually fits me perfectly except in length...I have to get it hemmed up about 7 inches or so. I'm so excited to wear it!

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Kristin said...

You know, I've been meaning to get a Tide pen. Now I should do it!