Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Well my crappy day just got worse yesterday afternoon. I checked our bank account and realized that the bank had royally screwed us over. They held onto 6 little charges for gas and walmart and things like that for days and days, and then the minute 3 big charges(daycare, phone and loan pmt) went through and overdrew us they then sent through the 6 little charges. Very convenient for them, that made us owe then about 160$ in overdraft fees. They do this ALL the time. It's their way of making money. This is the 2nd time it's happened to us(we don't generally overdraw) but it's happened to many other people I know that use this bank! We were going to overdraw no matter what, but they should have cleared the 6 little charges first, then sent through the 3 big ones, in which case we should have been charges a whopping TWO overdraft charges instead of 6. But why would they do that when they could get an extra 100$ out of us? So needless to say I freaked. We're overdrawn by a large amount, and we were going to be short this paycheck anyway. Now we're royally screwed. I went in to talk to my boss and left work at 3. I picked up Hailey...she always cheers me up. My mom came over after she got off work and we talked about options. Basically our only option is credit counseling. It sucks because we're not in this situation because of overspending, we're in it because at my old job I didn't make NEAR enough to pay our bills every month, so our bills went on credit cards...and now that I make more I don't even make enough to cover our bills plus our minimum pmts on our credit cards! We're just getting in deeper and deeper. And I do feel like we're drowning at times, and I just can't take the stress anymore. It's getting worse as time goes on, and I really feel like we need to act now and get it taken care of. D and I talked last night and decided this is probably the best option for us. He's also going to go into work more, but that's hard until he gets this last tournament done with. For now I'm going to get the ball rolling on this credit counseling thing. So everybody please hope it goes well and things get worked out for us.

Also, my sister called me last night in a very happy mood. She was approved for credit w/ a store here in town and she's going to buy my dress and pay it off after the first of the year. She said she's sure that's what she wants to do. She picked out 3 dresses last night for me to try on, so I am going at lunch time today and trying on bridesmaids dresses! I shaved my legs just for this occassion HAHA Hopefully one of them will look decent on me!

Another good thing about today...I finally started my period, YAY! I was like 2 or 3 days late. I knew I couldn't be pregnant because since I missed that first couple days of the pack of pills I wouldn't let D touch me all month! I was overly paranoid about getting pregnant! I was still worried when I didn't start though, it just makes me nervous. So, thank God for that as well.

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