Thursday, October 4, 2007

Garth Brooks is comin to MO

D's favorite singer of all time is Garth Brooks. He was obsessed with him when he was a little boy. He even entered a Garth Brooks lookalike contest! HAHA!! We were just talking a couple weeks ago about how Garth might come out of retirement once his kids are grown and out of the house(this is what we'd heard). Imagine our surprise when last week we found out he's doing one concert and one concert only, in Kansas City! In the very state we live in! How cool is that? We HAVE to get tickets. D's dad already said he'd pay for them. So this Saturday I'm going to be at the computer at 10:00 sharp on Ticketmaster and D's going to be standing in line here in town. He got a special wristband to assure that he's one of the first 125 people to get a chance. That way he doesn't have to camp out overnight to get a good spot in line. I'm not as into Garth Brooks as he is, but I definitely want to go! So, hopefully everything turns out ok and we get tickets!!


Jaime said...

That's wonderful, I've always wanted to see him in concert!

Ashley said...

I heard that his tickets were really cheap, like $25, and all of it is being donated somewhere. I saw him in KC when I was 15. What I remember was that I really enjoyed it. Is it at Kemper?