Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just for today

So just as Hailey's starting to get over her little tummy bug, the sitter called me last night about 8:30. Her and her oldest son have pink eye! So she's closed today, and since I was home with Hailey Monday I could NOT take off work today. I'm already playing catch up(so WHY am I wasting time blogging???) Hailey's with my father in law today. I'm hoping she has a good day. There are a few things that I hope go okay, that usually don't when she's with them...
1. I hope she eats. She never eats well over there. She doesn't like what they try to feed her (read: junk food) and the second she acts like she's done they let her down to play instead of making her sit there and eat (sometimes you have to do that with her...once you redirect her attention to eating, she eats no problem!)
2. I hope she takes a nap. They don't rock her. She's been rocked her whole life. But because her cousin puts himself to sleep so wonderfully, they assume she will too, and that it's okay to let her cry herself to sleep. This really grates on my nerves. My baby should never have to cry herself to sleep. That is just not for us. Although my father in law DID ask me what time she usually goes down to nap during the weekdays, so that made me feel a little better. He said he didn't want to try to lay her down when she's not tired. So he scored some points there.
3. I hope she doesn't come home with an angry red rash on her nether-regions. They don't understand why they can't just use their wipes(heavily scented, soapy, etc.) instead of the ones I bring(unscented Parent's Choice--she has such sensitive skin). They also don't understand that you have to be quick about changing her. And with her having diarea right now...ok I'm just worried. But, it won't kill her.

She's going to have a blast, she's with her papa. She loves her papa. They're going to run errands, and go to McDonald's for lunch(she's never actually EATEN there before, we always bring her food! But that's the fun part about going to the grandparent's, right? Eating junk food and doing things you normally wouldn't do at home? RIGHT? I told him NO SODA...) and probably go see the stinky smelly dogs. And maybe even the horses. She'll have fun. I know she will. So why am I so worried??

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Wendy said...

That's awesome that you had some backup though! I always worry that Lani and Wesley wont be well taken care of, but I just have to remember that it's only for a few hours:)