Sunday, June 24, 2007

Go me

I got myself some new clothes this weekend. I figured I deserve it. I do work hard. Plus I got the promotion! Go me! Which means a raise. And an office. Don't mean to toot my own horn but...yea I rock.

Hailey told me she loves me tonight..."bub you, bub you!" How sweet is that? She's said it once before, months and months ago, but this was the first time she actually meant something when she said it. She also knows the #9 on the telephone, and will push it and say "nine!" My in-laws kept her overnight last night, since yesterday was hubby's birthday...this is only the 2nd time they've ever kept her. She survived, and had a good time...but she didn't sleep much at all and she didn't get much to eat so she was STARVING tonight at dinner. They just cannot get it through their heads that she is not their grandson, who goes to sleep on his own wonderfully and eats like a bird. For breakfast they didn't cut up her biscuit, so she didn't touch it...and for lunch they gave her a little piece of cheese and some Cheerios! That's it! Tonight at dinner she scarfed down a huge plate of breaded turkey, steamed peas and mandarine oranges and drank milk like there's no tomorrow, because all they would give her was freaking juice when I told them she only gets one juicebox a day of that Motts for Tots juice which is watered down. Their grandson drinks juice ALL DAY. By the time we got to her she was asking us for milk with BOTH hands, her little hands milking those imaginary udders like CRAZY...pitiful. She had a good time their, but I just don't feel like they listened to my instructions at all, even things that I stressed like DO NOT put her in the crib and let her fuss at night, we don't do that, we rock her no matter how restless she seems in our arms. She cried before she went to sleep. My baby cried herself to sleep, and that breaks my heart. I told his mom when we went to pick her up that even if she is restless going to sleep for us at night, and even if I have to look her in the face and tell her firmly "No Hailey, it's time to go Night Night"....she NEVER cries. His mom said "oh she doesn't?" and I said no, she doesn't. And she just kind of sat there. I was nice about it, don't get me wrong. I so wish it had worked out better. It would be so nice for her to be able to stay there once in a while. She was really excited to be there. When we were leaving and standing at the front door she was sitting on the living room floor playing and she waved quickly and said "bye!" without even glancing our way. It was so cute. It just obviously didn't go THAT well when I pick her up and she's not only exhausted but starving and really thirsty. felt so good to tuck her into her crib tonight. I feel so much more at peace having her home.

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Wendy said...

oh man! That is too bad her stay didn't go better! It is always nice to have somewhere or the lil' ones to stay so that you can go out:(

Congrats on the promotion! I knew that you would get that one:) Yay for new clothes!!