Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My baby knows our song!!

Ok I just had to share this with you all...I really need to be taking my shower, but oh well. Tonight I took Hailey on a walk, she rode in her little car buggy thing and saw some birds and yelled "bird!" and then saw some ducks and yelled "duck!" "bye bye duck!" and then saw these big rocks(boulders really) and touched them and I told her rock so she said "rock" over and over. Then we saw a baby bunny and she said "bunny!" So I was already pretty proud...rock and bunny are new words, so that's a total of 4 new words today including strawberry and butterfly. BUT, the exciting thing is...she is learning songs! I know they sing songs at the sitter's and do movements etc. to them, like when they do their circle time, but I didn't realize she was actually LEARNING the songs. "We went to the animal fair" has always been her favorite song, ALWAYS--I think I've posted about that before. Even as a newborn she loved it. Her whole life, if I sing that song she giggles and smiles...even when she's crying, she'll stop and giggle. Sometimes when she was littler and crying in the car I'd have to sing that song over and over and OVER to keep her laughing and not crying. And if I tried to throw a different song into the loop, she'd start crying again. I always loved that song as a kid...it was always my favorite too...so this is something very special for us. Here is how the song goes...our version anyway...

We went to the animal fair
The birds and the beasts were there
The big baboon, by the light of the moon!
Was combing his auburn hair.
The monkey he got drunk
He sat on the elephant's trunk
The elephant sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezed!
And fell to his kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
Annnnnnnd that was the end of the monk the monk the monk!

Her favorite part has always been the part where you say The elephant sneeeeeeeeeezed! etc. etc. until the very end. When you get to that part she giggles every time. So tonight after her bath she was being all wiggly and wanting to get up and play, but I needed to get her diaper on her because she WILL pee on the floor without one. So to stop her fussing I started singing the song, which I haven't sung in well over a week. And lo and behold, when I got to the part where I sang "He sat on the elephants trunk" she said "kneeeeeeeeeeeees!!" HOW CUTE IS THAT?????? I'm sorry but I am just so freaking amazed. She remembered how the song went, and knew what was coming up next, even though I hadn't sung it to her in over a week!!! So for the rest of the evening we sang together...she'd dance to the first part, then at the appropriate part she'd say "kneeeeeeeees!" and sometimes "kneeeeeeeeees! bump bump bump". I am just shocked, and so incredibly happy. She knows our favorite song. I cannot wait to tell the sitter tomorrow. She commented today when I picked her up on how she's amazed at how much of a chatterbox she is. She said she repeats things right and left there all day, like when the sitter is talking or when the older kids are talking. I told my mom how some people have mentioned how early Hailey talks(as in they don't believe me because they've never heard of ANY 14 month old talking so well and understanding so much...) and she said actually I talked even earlier/better than Hailey.

I guess I should be used to all these changes by now, but I just can't help it. Every single day she amazes me with what she learns. How can they change so quickly?? It's crazy!!

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