Monday, June 4, 2007

A few more new developments

Hailey has learned a few other new things this light of yet another cold with a horribly runny nose, she's learned to blow her nose. If it's getting too stuffy, she wrinkles up her nose and blows, and then wants me to wipe it. So all weekend we've been working on her coming to me and letting me have a tissue ready to her nose BEFORE she blows, and she's got the hang of it! I put a tissue to her nose and say "ok blow" and she does! She's also always grabbing tissues and trying to wipe her nose herself, or my nose, or her baby doll's nose. Very handy.

Another new thing, is spinning in circles. She spins like a top, her arms out wide waving up and down, like she's trying to make herself dizzy. I have no idea where she learned this, unless she's picked it up from how I pick her up and spin her, which she loves...anyway, it's cute.

Something else we've really noticed lately...she really has an imagination these days. Tonight she picked up my keys "Mine!", grabbed her baby doll, and started heading for the front door...she turned around and matter of factly said "bye!" and waved with the hand holding the keys. Like she was done visiting and was now going to leave and go home. It was adorable.

She also knows the word "eyes" now, and will point to her eyes when asked. When she pees, she grabs the crotch of her diaper and pulls at it, to let us know she's peed. Yesterday would you believe she actually asked me to take a bath? She walked into the bathroom "ba! ba!" which means bath...she'd already had one that morning, but she wanted another one. She was feeling so cruddy, I gave her another one...anything to cheer her up. Lately she's liking her baths because I've been taking the Johnson's shampoo and using some of it as bubble bath, and she loves playing with the bubbles.

Tonight as I was rocking her to sleep (pretty late, she was so tired but refused to settle down til about 9:45!) she kept tugging at my shoulders and pointing towards out bedroom. There was a time when I would have gladly just put her in our bed and let her go to sleep...but I've learned how great it is for her to be sleeping in her own bedroom, and how great it is not to be poked and prodded at night, and actually have room to spread out and be able to talk to D or read or be loud with my medicine bottles etc. without having to worry about waking her up. She fussed, but finally I got her to just toss and turn on my lap, and finally fall asleep enough to lay her down. Wish me luck that she stays asleep all night tonight. I HAVE to go to work tomorrow now that she's doing better...and I need some sleep. I'm waiting til D gets home, and then I'm heading to bed. I was already exhausted, and then I took a long walk with Hailey tonight to keep her occupied so I am really beat now.

A lot of this post is for my own benefit...I don't have the energy to go find a pen and write all this stuff down for her memory book, so I'll just print this off more thing I want to remember...she's really into sitting on the couch now, or in her little yellow Elmo chair my mom got her for Christmas...or even better, in the recliner next to me. She'll actually sit and watch TV for a few minutes. She pats the chair and says either "sit!" or "up! uppie!"

I almost forgot...her new favorite thing to do is go in the bathroom, open the drawers, grab a couple things, shut the drawers and walk off. Today D and I were sitting in bed(where we were previously laying down with her cuddling, until she got out of bed and wandered off) and we can see the bathroom down the hall from our bedroom...she brought me a think of face cleaning wipes, a bottle of stool softeners, a bottle of Dristan nasal spray, some make up brushes, a tube of tooth paste...and then she took it all back and put it away. Why is this fun?? She's so funny.


Wendy said...

Don't you love it when they start pretending?

The coupons are in the mail:) Enjoy!

Kristin said...

You are so lucky that she's blowing her nose. I hate having to chase Logan around & pretty much tackle him for a nose wiping.

She's so cute!