Monday, June 4, 2007


Hailey's been sick all weekend. Not that bad Saturday, except for the evening and then she woke up at night and we had to put her in bed with us (which means 6 inches on either side of the bed for us to sleep, me with my head on my nightstand...because she insists on sleeping with her head by me and her feet kicking D in the face). She was pretty pitiful all day yesterday, crying, fever, sleeping off and on then waking up crying. Last night she woke up at midnight and wanted to go to bed with us again. So I haven't gotten much sleep all weekend, and I feel bad for her that she's sick again. I took her to the dr. today, minor ear infections in both ears and that sore throat/cold/virus thing again. She's acting better now that we're home, just wandering around playing, snacking a bit(she hasn't been eating a fraction of what she normally does). Right now she's walking around saying "no no no!" because I told her I needed to change her poop poops because she's pooey. Even feeling bad, she's learned a couple new words...cold, and door. She knows the difference between hot and cold now. It used to be any temperature change was she knows what cold is too. Walking out of the pharmacy I accidently put my jar of tea on her leg and she yelled at me "ah! COLD!" It was cute. She has been throwing more tantrums this weekend, I'm assuming because she doesn't feel good. She threw such a big fit when I was trying to get things ready to leave for the dr. this morning that she made herself throw up a little. Goodness. And Saturday night when we were all in bed I tried to help her put her pacifier in her mouth and she yelled at me in the dark "MINE! MINE!" and jerked it away from me. So sassy. Last night in the middle of the night, D and I got TONS of kisses. She was very kissy yesterday. Long sloppy kisses :o) Today she's just being so good. I wish I was able to just stay home with her now, and be a SAHM. One of these days... Oh, something cute that happened this morning...she wandered off again (last night I found her in our bedroom going through my clean clothes and carrying my shirts around) and I found her in our bedroom climbing into the closet meowing like the cat. She was acting like the kitty...that's where she sleeps...she wasn't in there, so Hailey tried to climb in there. It was cute. As I'm typing this she just brought me her cheese and said "cheeeeese!"

I'm afraid I'm hooked on these Huggies Supremes. I've been using them on her most of the weekend. I love how they're shaped so they fit around her legs better and they're so stretchy and nice...

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