Thursday, June 7, 2007


Not a whole lot to tell today, except a few cute things about Hailey, as always. She painted me a fingerpainting today at the sitter's. Her first painting, how cute!! She says her best friend's name now too, we'll call him little C. I love that she gets to spend every week day with him! They're little buddies, it's too cute. Also, I finally got her to say Cheerios! Actually she pronounces it "Cheedos" but hey close enough! I can't believe how she learns new words every single day. It's nuts. One more cute thing she did today, was this evening I was putting together one of those wooden shoe shelf things(you know since we're trying to get this place organized and all) and I had just screwed in one whole side, when she came up to me and grabbed the screw driver and actually put the tip of it to a screw and was trying to screw it in! This might seem like no big deal to everybody, but this is huge to me. It's amazing to me what she comprehends and the things she does. She's so stinkin smart :o)

I got her a couple packs of picture flash cards at Walmart tonight for her bday, I think she'll like them...either that or rip them up and spread them all over the living room floor...I guess we'll see.

Off to eat cereal and finish laundry, I am EXHAUSTED...very good but very busy day at work! And this cold is still hanging on unfortunately...OH! By the way, after my ranting and raving post last night...our family friend planted her own damn flowers...I called her today to tell her I was doing it tonight, and she said she did it herself...she was very nice about it though, said she understood how busy I was. And then my dad and them didn't come over tonight either, they had a meeting to go to. All that stress for nothing, it worked out great! And my sister's boyfriend is just happy to hang out here tomorrow night, so we don't have to stress about that either! Life is good...

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Erin said...

That danged cold doesn't know how to GO AWAY ALREADY, does it? Mine is just now finally fading away. ARGH!

Glad you ended up with more family-focused time that you originally thought. That always feels like such a gift, when time frees up. It's almost (but not quite) worth getting stressed about something that doesn't end up happening.