Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's been a while...

Ok so I've been really busy lately and haven't had much time to post. Hailey's party went great, she did wonderfully...opened presents like a pro, visited with people, only said "mine" once. She took a 3 hr. nap that morning which was amazing because she hardly ever naps like that for me on the weekends! So she was in a great mood.

This past Friday evening a friend from South Dakota came over with her little girl. Well my little bully of a daughter picked on her all evening. It was a bit embarrasing. She was pushing her and hitting her and all we heard was "No! Mine!" non-stop. She even tried to bite her...it's odd because she's not normally like that. Saturday I cleaned and then my cousin, her husband and little girl(who's 2 in July) and my aunt and uncle came by for about an hour. They all live out of town so we never get to see them. Hailey did GREAT with my cousin's little girl. Let her play with her toys and everything. I'm thinking it's a younger kid thing...after all she is the youngest at the sitter's now, so I think anybody younger she gets really jealous of and possessive with her things. Sunday we took her swimming for the first time at my mom's pool, which she LOVED. The second we opened the gate she kicked her legs and got so excited. She was jumping in the pool and making me catch her over and over! No fear, it's crazy! So we'll definitely be doing that more often. We had a blast.

Hailey's still saying new words every day. I've started to lose track. I'm going to start making a list I think with the dates so I can keep track of what she says on what day. One of the cute things she's learned lately is "Jew" which means juice. She's always asking for her Jews when I pick her up from the sitter's, before we even leave the classroom. And her G-dos, which is how she says Cheerios now. And her "paci" is now her "boppy"...don't know where that came from, but she'll walk around the house saying "Bop-py!" in that sing songy voice you do when you're calling for your cat that has wandered off outside...and when she finds her boppy she gets all excited and has to show you, because she's so proud of herself. She also hates how I just pitch the dirty diapers in the direction of the kitchen. In the mornings when I'm rushed or the evenings when I'm tired I just wrap the diaper up and throw it, knowing either I or D will pick it up sometime soon and throw it away. Lately she'll go pick it up and bring it to me and say "uh oh." And tonight she put her diaper in the trash for the first time. Hm, let's see what else...oh we bought some Easy Ups because I can rarely get her to lay down for a diaper change anymore. We're still just "playing" with the potty, she loves to tell the pee pee bye bye and has peed on the floor standing right next to the potty but has yet to figure out how to get the pee pee in the potty. We've got plenty of time for that, she's still so young. We decorated her room with some new curtains and flower and bug decals, she LOVES it. It makes it look so much more homey. She helped my mom put up some of the decals on Father's Day while D and I went out to eat(Hailey was too tired to go after swimming) and my mom said she was the cutest thing, she'd peel off a decal and put her finger to her mouth and look around the room and say "ummmmm" trying to figure out where to stick it. I wish I could have seen it!

D's 25th birthday is this weekend. I feel bad but I haven't planned anything. But he might be playing in a tournament. Hard to believe we're halfway to 30 already. Time just flies by. Although most of my friends are in their 30's, and it feels really young to me.

I'm exhausted, I have been seriously sleep deprived for a few weeks now because I haven't gotten to sleep in. I need to go to bed. This post is jumpy and random, but that's about the best I can do right now. Oh yea, by the way...I have an interview for the AP job on Thursday morning with my boss and coworker(who would be my new boss) so I'm excited about that. Hopefully it'll go well and I'll get my promotion and be making more money. And if not, well I'll be quitting in a year hopefully anyway!


Wendy said...

Happy to hear that Hailey's party went so well:) Such a smart little girl!!

Good luck with your interview:)

Mof2 said...

Pumpkin is the same way when it comes to the swimming pool. She constantly jumps in, but she doesn't want anybody to catch her. So we bought her water wings and a Speedo life vest.

My 25th b'day is tomorrow, I will be on the road for 5 hours to get K-bean, she has been out of town with my parents for 2 weeks. I hope that ya'll have more for for D's b'day then I will.