Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's the little things that count

I love having a little girl. She's my little buddy, my mini me.

Hailey has taken interest this week in my pantyliners. She takes the paper off, goes in the bathroom to throw it away, then comes back in the bedroom and gives it to me to put on. This morning when I did she clapped for me "Yay!!" Hey it's the little things that count!! :)

Every morning the last thing we do before going downstairs and putting on our shoes is a little bathroom routine of deodorant, apple spray, and lotion. Hailey loves doing this little routine with me. She used to have me put the deodorant on her. Now she puts it on all by herself! It is SO cute to see her hiking up her shirt and putting it on her little armpits. Not that she needs it, but she wants to be just like Mommy and I guess it's a good habit for her to get into anyway, right? Then she closes her eyes while I spray my beloved Country Apple spray (I bought a case of this when they discontinued the scent years ago--one of the VERY few scents that doesn't give me a huge headache!!) over her head and then spray it a bunch of times on myself. I use my bath and body works special lotion (one of those fancy ones, jasmine vanilla or something I can't remember but it smells SOOOO good and one bottle has lasted me like 3 years, no joke) and today she started using my after sun lotion that smells like coconut lime. She smears it on her little legs and arms. It's such a simple little routine but it's a special little part of our morning!


Jaime said...

LOL about the pantyliners!

Joanna said...

When it's that time of the month and all here, Kelsie calls my pads my "diapers" and wants to help out by taking the paper off and the whole nine...It's precious!

Ash said...