Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Better day

So I'm in a better mood today. Believe it or not, last night actually went as planned. **GASP!!** I was home by 4:30 (I'm totally loving how close I live to the sitter now!) and after piddling around, having a snack, shaving, getting our stuff together...we still had an hour to go before her lessons started! D decided to go which shocked the hell out of me. I'm glad he did because I would have been so nervous and confused without him. When I got inside the place I had no idea where to go. It's my old highschool but I never went inside the pool building!! I took bowling for PE. :) Hailey had a good time. She threw some minor fits because she wanted me to let her go but finally I just flat out told her that if I let her go she'll sink to the bottom and die. Pretty blunt I know, but it got her to quit pitching a fit. She knows what dying is because she accidentally kills roly polies sometimes (read: she bends them backwards or rips them in half--on accident of course) and I get onto her and tell her that now it's dead and will never come back to life to play with her. I firmly believe in telling the truth when it comes to things like that. Anyway she loved it so much she wasn't ready to get out of the water when the lesson was over. I, on the other hand, was freezing my ass off and SO ready to get out! I can't wait to take her back tonight though, even though I'm dreading the cold water. After we got home I made her dinner and she ate a TON! She even drank her milk from her big girl cup really well...she got her first fat lip at daycare yesterday so she can't use a sippy very well without it hurting. After dinner I was going to give her a bath but she was so worn out from swimming she told me she needed to just go to bed! I was shocked! So we skipped bath time, read WallE and went straight to bed! I woke up at 10:00 and went to my own bed and got some much needed sleep! (Except for my husband waking me up when he got home because he wanted to know where some video tapes of him in Canada are...like I know!! He actually turned on our bedroom light to look for them! He has some nerve! And then Hailey woke up at 1:00 for about 45 minutes, no idea why...but I still got extra sleep!) So I'm in a better mood today...the problems and issues are still there but I'm feeling more positive about everything and feeling more proactive about the situations. I'm hoping tonight goes as well as last night did.

I have to say that I am totally loving my new kitchen. I LOVE how it's set up, I LOVE my counter space, I LOVE how my cabinets aren't old and grubby but newer and clean. My floor doesn't look forever dirty like the linoleum at the old place did--that nasty industrial crappy looking stuff--because the kitchen and bathrooms have tile floors at our new place...I love it! And I totally LOVE my new appliances! I don't even care that my dishwasher and stove are Hotpoint because they are NEW and they work!! And they look nice! And my fridge, OMG we are in love with that thing. The fridge is new, and it's BIG, and it cools everything evenly!!! No more spoiling milk on one side or frozen milk on the other!! It's amazing!! It has a huge freezer too, I actually have a ton of room in there now! We also love our huge master bedroom. I thought our old room was a decent size...this one is huge! We even have a little dressing area w/ extra closet space and a light. I am SO incredibly glad I made the decision to rent one of these duplexes. They are extremely nice and well kept, in a VERY quiet and safe area, more convenient for our commutes, Hailey LOVES it there, we have TONS more space...and the rent is incredibly cheap for the size and age of this place and the area that it's in. They are seriously the best deal in town, no doubt about it. Now I know why they go so fast and why people stay for long periods of time when they get one. My husband kept saying (you know the D...y Downer that he is...) that we'll be moving again in a year because I will find something about this place I don't like. I finally told him that actually, he's completely wrong...I'm afraid we're going to HAVE to move in a year because of his stupid job and I'm not going to want to leave this place! That shut him up!

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