Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Shows!

I finally found a couple new shows on TV that I really like. I am LOVING my DVR...I'm not missing an episode! I absolutely LOVE Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust on TLC...I don't know what made me even watch this show, but I watch it every single week. I love her mom, she is so sweet and innocent and I love how Ashley treats her so nicely even when she does something devastating that sets Ashley back. I love how she does not for profit work (or tries to) and I don't know, the show is just really entertaining. My 2nd new show is Must Love Kids, also on TLC. As a child of a single mom I've always wondered what it would be like dating w/ kids (and let's be honest, the thought has crossed my mind a time or two what it would be like for me if I ever did leave D). I am so sad that I forgot to tape the 2nd episode...I thought I had the DVR programmed for weekly...maybe D erased it, hmmmm. Anyway I was sure to tape the 3rd episode last night! Can't wait to watch it!!

My weekly lineup of "Can't Miss" shows now consists of:

Monday night--Jon and Kate Plus 8, TLC

Tuesday night--Must Love Kids, TLC

Friday night--Ashley Paige, TLC

Can you tell I love TLC??? :) I also loved the show The Next Food Network Star, but the last show was just this past week! Looking forward to next season!


COURTNEY said...

Its so ironic that this is what your post is about because I just got done watching the third episode of Must Love Kids that I Tivo'd from last night. I love that show! (last week my husband watched it with me and even admitted that he enjoyed watching it) I'm also a big fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 even though I've found some really disturbing stuff on Kate on the internet. I watched the season finale of Next Food Network Star and I have to say, even though I thought that Aaron was nice, I was rooting for Lisa because I think she would have done a show that I actually would have watched. I've never seen Ashley Paige, but I'll have to watch it! I'm always up for a good reality show.

Joanna said...

I LOVE Jon and Kate!! Kelsie calls them the babies and always wants to watch the babies. I pre ordered their book that is coming out and we are getting the seasons on dvd as soon as we can.

I watched that Must Love Kids the other night, it was pretty good.