Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We finally got satellite last Thursday and with our special deal oh-so-cheap (way cheaper than cable!) package we get a free DVR. IT.IS.MARVELOUS!!! I am absolutely loving it and totally putting it to good use. I can actually watch my shows now and tape them every week by only scheduling ONE TIME...I don't even have to think about it, the thing just tapes it for me. It's wonderful!

Hailey's last swim lesson is tonight. I'm so glad we did it because she's so much more comfortable in the water now and can even go under while holding her nose and whatnot, but I am so so so glad this is the last lesson. I'm so tired!! Every single night has been tough to do! We haven't missed a single class though, I think we're one of 3 kids that has been there for every class. The class has dwindled down to just 5 little girls, aged 6 months to almost 3 with every stage accounted for, and they are ALL so adorable and doing so well! It'll be sad on one hand for it to be over, but also a HUGE relief. I think Hailey will be happy too...she's had a lot of fun, but she's obviously feeling the same way about it as I am as her interest in each class has obviously gone way down as time goes on.

Everything else has been going great, just really busy. The house is coming along nicely, I'm slowly getting unpacked and getting everything clean. We still absolutely love it, even Hailey is just so happy there. Because we're all so happy there, I think we're all getting along a lot better now too. Hailey hasn't acted out nearly as much as she had been, she's been great. D and I are getting along a lot better...I think since I'm so happy with where we're living now and relaxed because there's no traffic, no noise, more room, it's in MUCH better shape, there's lots of kids around for Hailey to play with...I think I'm being much nicer to D these days! Little things like him leaving a mess in the kitchen don't bother me nearly as bad as they used to. I pretty much just clean it up and go on. I'm just so happy to have such a nice kitchen now, I don't mind cleaning it. We've actually been spending time together, being nice to one another and **GASP!!** hugging, kissing and even having sex! OH MY! I'm actually finding that I LIKE him again! It's such a change, it's amazing. Hopefully it continues, especially after he starts school. I'm nervous about his last semester of school because he won't be working full time anymore, but I'm trying to put money in savings here and there to get us through those 4 months with minimal money freak outs.

That's really about all going on in my world right now. I'm so ready for everything to die down and get back to normal so I can have some free time. I've seen a couple things in Etsy shops recently that I would REALLY like to try my hand at making. Also my 2 year wedding anniversary with D is coming up soon, on the 22nd. We're not doing anything special, I'm finally letting him play in the local games this year so we'll probably just go out to dinner and maybe have my mom keep Hailey for a night (if I can get her to sleep overnight there...she won't stay anywhere anymore except home...she loves her own bed, I guess there could be worse things!).

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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