Sunday, June 15, 2008

The wedding

So today started off okay. We actually got out of here almost on time and we were only about 10 minutes late getting there. D had to be ready for pictures right away so Hailey and I walked from the church up to the capitol. She had fun taking her puppy for a walk and playing with the fountains. That was definitely the highlight of the day! About 45 minutes later we walked back to the church and sat on the curb while we had a snack. Finally I got her dressed and freshened myself up (deoderant, brushed hair etc.)right there in the parking lot by the car. These people are OH SO formal but whatever, I'm a country girl. I don't think anybody even noticed. We went inside while they finished up pictures. Then we just sat and waited while D helped seat all the guests. Finally our friend's girlfriend, K, showed up with her son, her little sister (who wasn't invited to the wedding, can she not go ANYWHERE herself??) and our friend's parents who were in from out of state. I thought I would finally have somebody to chat with! I was pretty taken aback and honestly my feelings were pretty hurt when K turned her back to me after they sat down (D sat them in my row). She did turn and introduce me to her LS but then I got her back again. ?? It was a LOOOOOOOONG Catholic wedding which was a first for us being that neither D or I are Catholic. Hailey did fairly well. Afterwards they took yet more pictures. Then I started to lose it when I found out they had to leave and go to the Governor's Garden for MORE pictures. Hailey and I were going to be left all alone. I tried to walk over to the reception hall with K and them but they acted like I wasn't even there and when I walked into the cluster fuck of people (excuse my language) in that reception hall I immediately turned and walked right back out. I found D and told him just how stressed and pissed I was and that he could find me in the car when he got back. Hailey and I had a dance party in the car (Hailey said "I shaking my body Mommy!") and shared a Gerber Graduates ravioli meal which we ate with our fingers...uh, yum? Finally D came to get us and we were in a better mood having eaten something finally (it was 4:00!) Then all hell broke loose. We walked into the reception hall, sat by K and the others and then we found out D had to sit at the head table. He was a freaking usher, come ON! Who has ushers sit at the head table!!? So I was going to be alone, yet again. No way was I going to be able to get my food and eat with a very bored/antsy toddler all to myself in this horribly crowded room not to mention the fact that HELLO I hate social situations like that and had NOBODY to talk to! I was getting the "I don't know you so here's my back" treatment from our "friend" K again and knew nobody else. I panicked, I could feel my chest tightening. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I told D I needed to just go home, that I could not sit there all by myself in the middle of this crowded room. I seriously hate social situations, even just thinking about it my stomach's getting in knots again. D told me I was being a pain and a bitch which really hurt my feelings so I left. I wish so bad that I had a husband that actually cared and would understand me and say something like "sweetie it's going to be okay, I'll get you some food and a soda and I'll come back and sit with you as soon as I can..." Nope. I was called names, he made me cry and look like a fool, had to be told to get me food and then after he was done eating while his daughter was asking me repeatedly where Daddy was, he sat at the head table talking to the other guys about golf and drinking his glass of wine. Anyway after he called me names I took Hailey out to the car and intended to leave. We were in the car, I was getting everything arranged in the car so I could leave, Hailey had fallen asleep in her seat and I was about to leave when D walked up. He was pissed. He told me if I left he would be very mad at me for the rest of the weekend. Nice. Very supportive, thanks hon. I wiped the tears from my face, took my sleeping daughter from her seat and went back in to sit next to K, who ignored me yet again. D went up to the head table, was served by the waitresses. Never got me a drink, nothing, before he went up there. Again, thanks hon. K didn't offer to get me anything. I couldn't get up because of Hailey sleeping. If I barely moved she freaked out and woke up so I just had to sit there. Finally some of the bride's family came and sat down near me and told me to join their group. VERY nice people, totally helped with the situation. One of the bride's uncles offered to get me something to drink and I politely declined. Then they offered to get me food. Every single one of them offered to get me food! I felt odd about telling them ok though so I kept politely declining. Finally while they were up getting their food Coach's wife came over and offered to hold Hailey. I told her if I moved she'd wake up and she doesn't do well with people she doesn't know well. I think she could tell I was upset and I just told her my husband was up there eating. She said she was going to go tell him to get me some food. And she did. Not only did she make him get me some food, she made him get it from the kitchen and not wait in the long line. I LOVE THAT WOMAN! LOL I could have hugged her if I could have moved. When my husband finally brought me my food the bride's family I was sitting with actually clapped. They are the sweetest people. I got to eat, D half ignored me the rest of the reception til I finally got him to leave. D's friends DEFINITELY think I'm an uptight nerdy bitch now if they didn't before, but whatever. I can't help how I am. Once back in town we got ice cream with my mom and came home. Hailey colored (she's so good at drawing circles now!), I colored on Hailey with her washable markers...she thought that was pretty cool...and I put her to bed before I went to bed myself. I fell asleep almost instantly, only to be woken up about 30 minutes later by what I posted about below! **I'm having some trouble getting the video to process. Hopefully I'll be able to post it soon!**


Jaime said...

You are not an uptight uppity bitch! Don't even think that! What do they expect you to do?

And that "friend" who kept turning her back, grrrr! I hate it when people do that.

I'm sorry it was such a terrible day. I'm glad they made him get you some food though and that they clapped when he did, they sound really nice!

Joanna said...

Wow...I am sorry that D was being that way, and the "friend K". I hate that it turned out that way. And I sorta know how you feel. At my bil's wedding Zack was best man and was supposed to sit at the table with all the others, but I pitched such a fit that he sat with me. Although he was really mad at me, but at the time it was hard to try and eat and feed Kelsie as well as watch Kayla, so I didn't care. He got over it! I am so glad that someone made him get you some well deserved food!