Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Everybody needs to go over and check out Joanna's Etsy shop, P B & J Celebrations. She's got some really neat items with wonderful designs! I'm planning on ordering some "We've Moved" notices (I like the black paisley w/ the turquoise design!) and hopefully will be ordering some baby shower invites from her for my friend's shower coming up in a couple months! Her recipe cards are also a really cute idea...I'm thinking of ordering some of those for my mother in law for her birthday coming up!
Head on over and check it out!!

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Joanna said...

Hey, thanks for the link! I can do some baby shower invites, I never thought about it. So thanks for the idea!! : )

Any colors or what not that you are looking for?

Mommy calling cards...I would never use them, but aparently it must be a big thing for moms to have and when they meet other moms they pass them out instead of having to find scrap paper for their numbers and stuff. All the info is right there. It's a neat idea. I am guessing it's for moms that go to the park a lot and meet other moms. Or extracaricular activities.