Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wall E

I'm thinking about taking Hailey to see WALL E this weekend if we have the time or energy after all the packing we have to do. It's rated G. She's only been to one movie theater movie, and she did really well except for the last 20 minutes...Surf's Up was not her fav. movie ever apparently because she got bored and played in front of our seats for a little bit. I'm afraid we'll get there and she won't like the movie this time and want to leave. Well, I'm afraid she'll want to leave after her popcorn is gone anyway...the girl will sit still for popcorn any day!


Joanna said...

We have yet to take Kelsie to see a movie. There have been a few that we could have taken her too, and then there is WallE as well. It's just that movies here cost two arms and half your leg! And I am worried after paying for wonderful body parts that we will have to leave not knowing what happens!

Erin said...

Tell me about it, it's crazy how much movies cost these days! That's why I didn't mind taking her to her first movie, it was a free summer movie!! So if we had to leave, big deal, didn't cost us anything but the popcorn!