Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Father's Day started off great. Everyone was in a good mood. I packed a little and began getting ready to go to the Lake. I had planned to completely get us ready and get the car loaded before I even woke D up but he scared the shit out of me by getting up himself and creeping up on me!

We headed to the Lake about noon, the sun was shining, perfect lake weather. Halfway there I called my mom and she informed me there were storms moving in. I thought surely they wouldn't hit us. About an hour after we got down there, just as we were getting in the boat, it started clouding up and thundering. Hailey got to take her first boat ride, she loved it! It only lasted about 10 minutes though because it was definitely going to storm. We went inside and it poured. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees! When the rain let up a little D and his dad took Hailey down to the dock to fish. I hadn't brought a coat for her because it was 90 degrees earlier! She was in her swimsuit, cover up, swim shoes and a life jacket. They were down there for a couple hours fishing in the rain. Even though the dock is covered Hailey still got wet. D came up to the cabin at one point and I asked him if he thought Hailey should come back up with us and he said no, she was fine. His mom and I had a nice time sitting on the front porch (it's enclosed but has huge windows) watching the rain and talking. Finally they came back to the cabin and my poor baby was wet and so cold! :( I wrapped her in a towel and got her cleaned up and put dry clothes on her. She acted ok but her nose was running like crazy and she was coughing some. By the time I got her in bed last night she was running a low grade fever. I was worried about her, she acted pitiful. I didn't get her to sleep until about 11:30. At that point I was exhausted from the long busy weekend, I felt like I'd JUST been at work and I was also worried about Hailey being sick because I need my vacation time I have left to move in a couple weeks. I told D I was going to bed because I was exhausted and I was worried about Hailey and thought she'd probably wake up in the middle of the night. He had the nerve to try to get me to have sex with him. He said I'd promised, which I most certainly had NOT. I told him MAYBE IF everything went ok we could. Obviously things weren't going ok and I was so exhausted I was falling asleep sitting up. He threw a HUGE HUGE HUGE fit. I mean yelling, pillow immature it was ridiculous. He got me so woken up and upset and pissed off, I was crying and everything. Then he had the nerve to try again, oh yea like that was going to happen after he was just being a HUGE JERK! Finally I gave him an earful and told him I'm sick of him acting like he doesn't give a crap about me at all, that's how he acted the majority of the weekend. I told him I'm tired of it and if he really doesn't love me then he just needs to leave. He told me he'll move out tomorrow. I don't need that dramatic bullshit, I am being serious here! I decided I was going to sleep on the couch. I didn't even want to be near him. He came out to the living room and told me I woke him up so he's going to wake me up. NICE hon. I went and checked on Hailey and she still had a fever and she was coughing so bad she almost threw up. She started crying. I almost slept on her floor but my back just can't take it. Since she wasn't like horribly sick I just left her door ajar and went back to sleep on the couch. My alarm went off seemingly 5 minutes after I fell asleep. I'm so tired this morning.


So I had to cut the post this morning short because the sitter called. Hailey was bawling for me in the background, so loud I could barely hear what the sitter was saying. She had a true fever now, had cried the whole hour she'd been there, begging for me. I told her to give her some ibuprofin and I'm coming to get her. I started crying. It was so heart-wrenching, hearing her cry for me like that over the phone. She was SO happy to see me when I got there to pick her up. We got home, ate some breakfast, colored with markers for a long time, played dollhouse for a while, watched Ratatouille and part of a Baby Einstein. She started to get really pitiful and cranky so I put her down for a nap about 1:00. She woke up 30 minutes later crying and I had to sit in the rocker and hold her and let her sleep the rest of her nap. Finally I had to wake her up, I had to pee so bad it hurt. She was laying right on my bladder! We finger painted, she was still pitiful and cranky. Her temp was up to 102. I feel so bad for her, I have no idea what's wrong. We had an okay afternoon, she laid around and watched Milo and Otis. When her medicine kicked in again she was okay and begging to get out of the house. I HAD to run to Walmart, tomorrow's a goody day that I'm designated to bring something to. Plus we needed food in the house. By the end of the shopping trip she was pitiful again. My mom cooked us dinner, I made the dessert...have you seen the Cool Whip commercial where they make that thing in a bread pan w/ strawberries and Oreo crust? I'm trying it. We'll see. If anybody wants to make it, it's on the Coolwhip website and just so you know, you need about 16 Oreo's, not just 8 like it calls for! I also made blueberry muffins in case this dessert sucks. Luckily D's staying home with Hailey tomorrow so I don't have to take another day off work. I'm so afraid they're going to fire me. I got nothing done this morning between writing the blog post and talking to my boss about our weekends, and then I had to suddenly leave. Talk about feeling like a horrible employee. Anyway it's incredibly late and my husband has persuaded me to let Hailey play with him and cuddle on the couch long enough. I need to get to bed, I'm exhausted. And she very conveniently won't let him put her to bed! So, to sum everything up...D and I are fine, Hailey's sick, I don't want to go to work tomorrow, I'm feeling very domestic because I'm actually cooking and baking...and I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed.


Jaime said...

Oh poor Hailey (and Erin!) I hope she is feeling better soon!

COURTNEY said...

I feel exactly the same way as you do about large social situations. My husband used to be a high school basketball coach so we used to get invited to his players graduation parties at the end of the year. One year we had to go to 10 parties where I knew virtually nobody. I barely slept and had a stomach ache for a week prior to party day. I told my husband before we ever left the house that he had to stay with me the whole day!