Friday, January 25, 2008


Today has been better! Hailey slept OK last night...finally. She actually slept fairly soundly (I think, unless I was just too stinking tired to hear her) from about midnight til 5:15 this morning. She was in a MUCH better mood this morning, chasing the kitty around the dining table and helping me get dressed...she was actually fun this morning! :) And it's FRIDAY, thank God. For a short week, this week lasted FOREVER!

My kitty had her first ever dental today (she's almost 9!) and did great. Hailey thought it was very neat that kitty got to ride in the car with us this morning! At first when kitty was meowing really loud she told her "It's okay Z, it's okay. I know, it's okay" it was so sweet! Halfway to school she changed to "Z, be quiet! BE QUIET!" LOL She's too funny...

Hunting for the roly polies that have been invading our living room for some odd reason...2 peas in a pod! :o)

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Emmakirst said...

What's sleep? LOL. Glad that she slept well for you. How cute, her talking to the cat.