Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If my life were really a soap opera, this would be a BAD episode...

Things just keep getting more "interesting" around here. You know how it is in my life. One dramatic even after another, almost always involving my dad's side of the family. Remember the brother I blogged about forever ago that went on the Maury show to find out if his kids were really his or if they were his uncle's? YEAAA.... anyway my sister and I found out last night that he's moving back with yet another one of his brothers. I have no idea which brother, how old he is, anything...but if he's anything like the other brothers M has brought to town, he's a "douchebag"(in the lovely words of my husband). We are so not excited about this. We're actually pretty pissed, to put it nicely. My brother caused all kinds of problems the last time he was down here (including hitting on my sister--HIS sister--in one of his many drunken/drugged up hazes!!!! EW!!!) and like every other time left without any notice. Apparently this time my dad has been talking to my brother for a while about moving down here. I guess since my stepmom filed for divorce and he didn't succeed in killing himself, now he's groping about for any bit of family he can get. To keep him busy? I have no clue. He was just starting to act somewhat normal again. Having us over for dinner. Talking about his new grand daughter (my sister's new Schipperke puppy--oh so cute!). Then he drops this bomb on us. My brother will be here at 6:00 today. He's living with my dad. Which means my dad will begin drinking again and quite possibly doing drugs again. I think I'm still in shock at the news.

In other news, Hailey is still not sleeping well. She went to sleep by 9:20, was up by 10:20, didn't get her back to sleep til 1:00am. I'm at my wits end. I'm exhausted. She's exhausted. I have to get her up at 6:40 during the week. She begged me to go back to bed this morning. She threw tantrum after tantrum and refused to let go of me at the sitter's. She had to bribe her with Cookie Crisp (I muttered "Thank GOD for cookies" and quickly left!) to get her to let me leave. I got to work at 7:35 and already had a horrible migraine. BLAH

I SO deserve a cherry sundae tonight!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE GOD let Hailey sleep tonight. Please. I'm exhausted...

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