Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My Aunt and Cousin are going to be okay. They were getting on a highway in KC and a car came out of nowhere and hit them at 60 mph. The car hit the front left flank of the car, missing the doors thank God, and spun them around. Miraculously they weren't hit by any other cars on the highway while they were spinning. My little 3 year old cousin bit either his lip or his tongue and hit his head. They did all the necessary tests and thank God there's no swelling in his head. He's pretty bruised and shaken up but okay. My aunt is bruised and hurts all over, esp. from where the airbags hit her. They don't have any serious injuries and are going to be able to go home soon.

It was sleeting on the way up to KC and my sister said it's now snowing there and freezing cold. Now I'm worried about them driving back safely in the bad weather!! The temp here is dropping by the hour, it's freezing here now! I had a brain fart this morning and didn't wear my heavy coat or bring my gloves! All I've got is my little fleece! I also dropped Hailey's blanket outside this morning(D took it in before he left for school) and meant to grab her coat and didn't...so all she has on is a long sleeved shirt, the jacket that matches her pants and a light fleece! This morning it was in the 50's. I went to Walmart at lunch today and bought her a new fluffy blanket with Cars on it (her new fav. movie that she watches at least once a day!) so at least I can wrap her up in that when I pick her up. MO weather is just too weird!

I found out yesterday that they're discussing the possibility of letting us use flex time at work. This would mean my time to work would change from 7:30-4:30 w/ an hour lunch to 8:00 to 4:30 w/ a half hour lunch. This would be AMAZING! I would totally miss my leisurely 1 hour lunch breaks but to be able to get here 30 minutes later would be great! Morning is not the best time in our household...none of us are morning people, including Hailey. Sometimes always goes wrong and I'm forever getting here 5 to 10 minutes late which I feel horrible about! I don't know for sure yet but I'm really hoping they put the new policy into effect. It would really help Hailey and I out!

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Erin said...

Glad to hear that your aunt and cousin are okay and will definitely be praying for your sister and stepmom as they travel back and forth! You should come to Texas, weather here is even weirder!