Thursday, August 14, 2008

Work is really boring me today...

I've been insanely busy lately trying to get ready for a garage sale we're having this weekend at my sister's. I have a LOT of stuff to get rid of so I really hope it goes well. My mom watched Hailey last night while I went over to her house to get everything set up. We still have so much left to do though, I'm getting a little stressed. D's grandparents are coming into town today for one day only and tomorrow is my mom's birthday. But yet I still have all this stuff left for the sale to do too!

Last night was actually really fun. Even though that side of my family is crazy, I seriously love hanging out with them (most of the time--as long as they're not fighting). I can be myself, however I'm feeling, whatever mood I'm in, and they love me anyways. I don't have to watch my language, I can trash talk my dad one minute and he'll turn around and call me "baby girl" the next minute. We have a blast joking with each other, giving each other crap, farting and play fighting. Sounds so white trash, but man what a blast. They even accept all my wierd quirks and don't say a thing...unless it's to give me crap for it LOL. We even have fun doing things like cleaning the garage. Having your sister and brother push the riding lawn mower around the yard while you sit on it and steer can be a LOT of fun. And my sister and I totally have ESP...I can't count how many times I've looked at my cell phone and thought "I wish she'd call me" and my phone rings and it's her. Last night after I hopped off the lawn mower I thought to myself "Hm, a piggy back ride would be nice" and she said "Want a piggy back ride?" I hopped on and away we went, running around the yard hooting and hollering. I'm sure the neighbors were thinking WOW those people have issues...but you know what, it's nice once in a while to act completely immature, completely crude, not worry about what other people think and just let loose and have fun! I am desperately trying NOT to think about how my sister is moving all the way across the country in less than a month. I don't know what I'm going to do. Right now my coping tactic is to pretend it's not happening. Yea I know, real healthy. Moving on...

I got my necklace in the mail the other day that I won at Joanna's blog party. It's beautiful, I absolutely love it. My daughter does to. She tried to claim someone sent it to HER in the mail and it was HER necklace. I eventually bribed it away from her and put it out of her now she's forgotten it ever existed.

We got new living room furniture. I went couch shopping a couple weeks ago with my mom because she was in desperate need of a new set and was giving her old set to a college guy that's finally getting his own apartment. I found a set and fell completely in love with it. I obsessed about it for a week and finally D and my sister went with me to see it and we bought it. I get insanely happy every time I look at my new couch and chair and 1/2. I'm craving time to just sit in that huge chair, cuddle up with my blankie and relax. We also ordered a new end table/coffee table set but it hasn't come in yet. Now that we don't have to use the living room as a play room anymore, I can take up more space with furniture. I can't wait to get the tables in. I'm sick of bumping our ghetto end table and having the broken leg fall off which then makes it fall over and dump everything including our lamp on the floor. I'm also saving up for this $40 dark brown area rug I found at Walmart and some curtains for the living room window. The color is kind of off in these's really blue and brown. In the last picture it shows the table set we ordered. We didn't get the loveseat though, just the couch and chair. Hailey has a new obsession with chewing gum. She knows it's "for her mouth, not for her belly" and she has never swallowed it. She chews it with all her teeth, it's in this big string in her mouth. She says she makes worms with her gum. Ew. She's taken to digging through my purse to find her special pack of Trident fruit gum and getting a piece on her own without asking. Which means my wallet or other purse things are frequently NOT in my purse today, I realized I have no wallet. Which means no license and no money. That little toot. She wants her gum first thing in the morning. I, of course, won't give it to her until after I pick her up from school in the afternoon so she's been throwing a whiny mini-fit every morning. Yesterday morning she actually had the nerve to ask me if I'd take my purse in to her sitter's house and leave it there. She thought she was being sneaky, thought she could get gum that way without me being around!

Last night while Hailey was at my mom's she started pooping in her diaper. My mom tried to bribe her to get her to go on the potty. She told her "If you go poop on the potty I'll give you marshmellows!" Hailey said, in a snotty little girl tone, "I had marshmellows YESTERDAY at HEATHER'S house" and she continued to poop in her diaper. In case my mom hadn't gotten the point that she can't bribe her with marshmellows, Hailey reiterated the fact later in the night that she had marshmellows YESTERDAY at her sitter's house. Ha. Take that Grandma.

My husband left the faucet running in the downstairs bathroom sink last night. I'm so loathing getting our next utility bill. I'm praying it's not going to be outrageous. I cannot believe he does crap like this. Remember the time he left our front door wide open all day at the other place?? Well since we've moved into our new place he's gone to bed with ALL the locks unlocked on our doors TWICE. Luckily the last time freaked him out so bad he hasn't done it since the first couple weeks we lived there. He's also taken to using a knife and leaving it on the edge of the kitchen counter...HELLO, we have a 2 year old in the house that LOVES to get things off the counter herself...image if she reached up, touched the handle which would spin the knife off the counter and it stabbed her in the eye. I've reminded him at least 5 times and he still keeps forgetting. I also found his razor on the edge of the bathroom counter last night. Then last night w/ the water running...which pales in comparison with the other unsafe things he's done...I'm wondering, is he just completely careless or is he incredibly lazy??

I'll end this with a little Bigfoot talk. Has everyone heard the news??!?! Freaking crazy! I can't believe they really might have found a dead bigfoot. If you haven't heard it yet, just do an internet search for "bigfoot body found in Georgia" and you'll find it. It was even on Fox News. My husband and I, being the complete nerds that we are, were on the internet til 11:00 last night reading the articles and watching the video of the news broadcast. Then of course I had to show him the recent articles showcased on about the mangy cayote somebody videotaped running down a gravel road...the thing really does look like a chupacabra. And then there's the Montauk Monster, that thing is CREEPY looking. By the time we were done and my very normal husband declared that he thinks aliens are real, I was completely creeped out to the point where I didn't even want to go take a shower alone. I get really freaked out about all that crap! By the time I got to bed at 11:45 (damn Olympics being on so late, don't they know I HAVE to watch gymnastics if I catch it on?!?) I was so tired but still so freaked out I had to go to sleep with my bedside lamp on. So I'm exhausted today, and it's raining outside which means unless it quits my job tonight working on the garage sale is going to be that much of a pain in the butt to get done.

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Joanna said...

I love that couch and chair!!! I am so happy you got your necklace! : ) So funny about Hailey.

Kelsie eats gum. She swallows every piece she gets it's horrible. But she pitches a huge fit. The dr said that it's not bad for her really, so I am not too worried about it, although I hate it!