Friday, August 15, 2008


And now the reasons why I also hate my family...last night was NOT fun like the night before was. They fought last night. My stepmom left to go to the store and never came back. My poor little brother was at a loss for what to do. My sister started screaming at my dad in the house, something about cheating...they're all just so overly dramatic. They always have to have some sort of drama. I wanted to scream, JUST GROW UP AND GET OVER IT ALL! Instead I priced what I could for the garage sale and left, telling my little brother to hang in there and I was sorry he had to go through that.

Luckily, Hailey was with D at his parents house last night. His grandparents were in town for one night and I am SO SO SO glad that I decided to go over there right after I picked Hailey up from school and go out to eat with everyone. It was a nice break in my evening. I got to see my sister and brother in law, and my nephews actually LOVED me, it was great! Right when I walked in the back door I could hear my oldest nephew squeal and say "Erin's here!" How cool is that?? I sat in the rocking chair and as soon as Hailey vacated my lap little W ran over and hopped up and made himself comfy! Made me feel totally awesome. I talked to him about school a little bit (he'll be 4 in march!) and eventually he ran off to play with everybody else. My other nephew, baby W (who's 1 this month!!) looked and looked at me and just squealed and waved. What a cutie!! Papa, D's dad, actually paid a LOT of attention to Hailey last night too so that made D and I happy. We all went to eat together and had a lot of fun. I let little W come sit on my lap and finish my brownie and then I cleaned him up after I cleaned Hailey up. They are so cute together, they hold hands and talk and run around. I love it. After we ate, we saw Hailey's best friend, Little C and his parents. His last day at Hailey's school is today so we are so so sad :( I told his mom last night how he hugged Hailey the other day when I was there to pick her up and he told her "I love you Hailey" and she reached over and patted his knee. His mom said we should just start planning their wedding now. He is the sweetest, cutest little boy. We're definitely going to have to get together with them on a regular basis so they can continue being friends! After that I left and went to my Dad's while D took Hailey to his parent's house to spend a little more time with the grandparents. That was really big because D doesn't take Hailey anywhere by himself. I've been really encouraging him lately to do more with her on his own. They had a great time playing. I got home around 9 and got her ready and put her to bed. Then I started in organizing and pricing my sister in laws things for the garage sale. After doing two huge bags I got myself ready for bed picked up the living room and then did the dishes at 11:45. I finally got to bed around midnight. I only got about 5.5 hrs of sleep but I'm feeling so accomplished after getting everything done last night that I set out to do, so I'm feeling pretty good about today. Also, today is my mom's 49th birthday and Hailey and I are taking her out for dinner tonight! Hopefully today goes as smoothly as yesterday didn't start out too promising, with me waking up a little late, jabbing the mascara want in my eye and getting mascara EVERYWHERE and then I went to wake Hailey up and found her sleeping on soaked sheets, the poor girl had peed enough to fill 3 diapers...but I'm still thinking positive, I only got to work 1 minute late, everybody's been in a really good mood towards me today, and hopefully it just gets better from here on out!

Hope everybody has a great weekend! Wish me luck with this darned garage sale!!

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Joanna said...

I hate that everyone can't grow up and quit with the fussing. I hope that the garage sale went well! : )