Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I had to write a serious post to get the last one further down the line. I hated the fact that when anyone pulled up my page they'd see that picture first thing. It's funny but it's horrendous! So, moving on...

We did fairly well at the garage sale we had this weekend. Dan and I made about $140 after we subtracted the fee for the ad in the paper ($15) and how much it cost to buy the signs at Walmart ($4). Considering we priced everything INCREDIBLY cheap, got rid of at least half our stuff, and the most expensive item we sold was a whopping $7.00, I'd say we did pretty darn good! The 2 bags of jeans/clothes for fall/winter that I have left I'm taking to a local resell store here in town...they pay pretty decent if it's items they want. A bag of summer stuff I'll save to take to them in the Spring, and the rest of the stuff is all going to Goodwill!

I'm not sure if I wrote about the huge mountain of garbage bags my sister in law dropped off at my house a couple weeks ago??? There were at least 7 of the huge black bags, FULL of girl clothes and shoes. From newborn all the way to a girls size 6. A coworker gave the stuff to her and she didn't want ANY of it. My brother in law said she basically opened one of the bags, said "EW!" and gave it all to me. I happily sat in my front yard going through every single item in every single bag and OH MY GOSH it was like Christmas! I found a whole bag and a half of clothes for Hailey...tshirts and shorts to wear now...pants, long sleeved shirts, winter dresses, sweaters and sweatshirts for this fall/winter season. Even a little pair of shoes, the white leatherish Keds style (they were Honor brand from Target) that Hailey LOVES and insists on wearing every day. She's actually wearing them out already LOL she wears them so much! I even took some of the cute baby girl things, because you never know what our next one will be! The rest of the stuff I had my cousin go through for her new niece...they have NO money so I know she'll really appreciate the stuff. I also let another friend go through the stuff and have whatever she wanted. I have to mention, this stuff wasn't just crappy old stuff...almost all the stuff I took for Hailey was name brand, Gap, Children's Place, OshKosh, Gymboree, Old Navy, Carter's...it's good stuff! I've washed everything and made a huge pile in Hailey's closet. My sister in law said she has a few more bags for me and her coworker has even more to give her as well. After this stuff plus whatever handmedowns I get from my friend that gives me handmedowns every season, I don't think I'll have to buy anything for Hailey this winter except maybe a coat and a pair of tennis shoes! YAY! Now if only I could find somebody that would give me handmedowns for myself!

I had found a dark brown area rug at Walmart that would be perfect for our living room and at only $39.98 the price wasn't THAT bad. But I still refused to pay that much! Imagine my dismay when I went to Walmart Sunday and not only was the only one they had left GONE, but it had been on sale for $30.00! :( I found some awesome curtains at Walmart as well, only $10.00 a panel, but because the college students are back and completely clearing the shelfs of EVERYTHING, there were no curtain rods left! I also wanted to get one of those Febreze things you plug into the wall that alternates scents throughout the day...of course, they were out of those too. They were even out of hand soap. Seriously. Today I had to run to a different Walmart at lunch and get dessert supplies for tomorrow's birthday lunch here at work. I'm so incredibly glad I did! Not only did they have my $30.00 rug, they also had the perfect curtain rod for the living room for only $9.88 AND the one I'd wanted for the playroom was finally on sale for $7.00! They even had tons of choices for the Febreze plug in I wanted and I found a scent combo I love! I can't wait to get home and plug it in and put my new rug on the floor and make D hang up the curtains! Now the only curtains I have left to find are for the dining room. Oh our end table/coffee table set also came in yesterday so D is supposed to put that together tonight. Yay!

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