Tuesday, August 19, 2008


A few little things went wrong this past Friday night which resulted in me not getting to my dad's until about 11:00. We still had to finish setting the rest of the garage sale stuff up and price a few more bags of baby clothes. Fortunately I was able to really cheer up my sister by being a complete doofus and doing this....
I'm glad that I'm feeling happy enough to goof off again. And it's amazing what being exhausted, a little girl's shirt, some tupperware and a really cheap wig will do for a girl...LOL

I have to give some background. My dad has been telling a LOT of tall tales recently, moreso than usual. Thursday night he told us that when he was in the service he dated this girl with double D boobs that wore these little fuzzy shirts that barely covered her boobs (This is wrong on so many levels...for one, hello he's my dad, EW! and two...um, I didn't mention to him the fact that he was married to my mom in the service...oh well.) So when I found this little red shirt while pricing things I just had to poke fun at the whole story.

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COURTNEY said...

Remember that Right Said Fred song "I'm Too Sexy"...I imagine that song is blaring from a stereo somewhere in the background of this picture. :)