Sunday, November 2, 2008


As a little girl one of my absolute favorite things to do was play "babies." I loved being a little mom to all my baby dolls and would spend hours dressing, feeding and cuddling them. Luckily Hailey has fallen in my footsteps with her love of all things baby related. While searching Etsy for toys of this nature I happened upon Mimas, and I knew instantly I'd found something special.

Karen has been doing her craft for over 25 years now. Three years ago when her little granddaughter was two years old she wanted something to carry her baby doll in. They worked together until they got everything just right. The result is the cutest little doll bed/carrier I have ever seen!

It's like a little soft comfy moses basket, just the right size for a little girl to carry her baby dolls around in. We were lucky enough to receive one of these adorable little doll carriers and Hailey absolutely LOVES it. It comes with a little matching pillow and blanket as well and Hailey loves putting one of her stuffed animals to bed in her carrier every night. (She's on a stuffed animal kick right now, they are her babies).
These carriers are so well made, I know Hailey will get many many years of enjoyment from it, along with any kids we have in the future, and our kids' kids even!

Another Mimas product is this adorable little doll set that comes with a little diaper bag, bib, burp cloth and a little doll cloth diaper! This set would be such a cute Christmas or birthday gift!
Mimas is a big supporter of cloth diapering. I seriously contemplated switching to cloth when Hailey was a little older but couldn't justify the startup cost when Hailey was only using a handful of diapers a day at that point and was *hopefully* not too far off from potty training. She is now potty trained, thank goodness, but I will definitely try cloth diapers with our next baby! Mimas carries a wide variety of cloth diapers in all different sizes, colors and patterns! You can choose from either a normal cloth diaper that should be used with a cover (which they also sell in all sorts of colors and patterns!) or the incredibly convenient AIO (all-in-one) cloth diaper. They even carry cloth diaper inserts and washable baby wipes!

From the Mimas website:

"These homecrafted fitted cloth diapers/nappies are made of 100% all NEW cotton fleece or super flannel. My fitted cloth diapers are highly absorbant with a total of 9 layers, 2 - 100% cotton/fleece outer shell (very soft on the little ones bum), 1- 100% inner liner with a 6 layer soaker pad made of 100% cotton & terrycloth to absorb liquid and wick away from babies so they keep dry and comfortable, each soaker pad is sown to the inner liner with quilt stitching to prevent wading and bunching of the soaker pad, your cloth diapers will last wash after wash, each diaper/nappy has 1/4" elastic stitched to back and legs, this helps to fit to baby and protect against leakage. All diapers/nappies come with washing and drying instructions. All diapers/nappies have hook and loop fastners,no more pins or poking of babies during changing, we also rounded the edges of the hook and loop for additional comfort and safety."

If you're in the market for cloth diapers, inserts, washable wipes or an adorable Christmas gift for the little one in your life, you have to visit Mimas. With amazing quality and unbelievable prices, you won't be disappointed!


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